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Start A Profitable Lifestyle Blog In 2018

November 28, 2017Onome

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There are tons of posts and guides out there on how to start a blog, grow your blog and make money from it. But then, you need something specific. You want to start a lifestyle blog and desire a genuine guide on how to start a profitable blog. In this post, you will be guided overly on creating a money making lifestyle blog on your own in less than 30 minutes, with easy to follow steps.


There are many reasons to start a blog and one major reason is the fact that it can make you money. You can make money online blogging within a short period of time as the case may be. Apart from making money off your lifestyle blog; you can choose to share your everyday life and interests with an audience interested in what you have to share. As a lifestyle blogger, you create content inspired from your personal interests, daily activities and thoughts.

Before You Start a New Blog

Now that you have gotten a good reason to start your blog, you should sit back and make some important decisions that will affect the growth of your blog like; what niche, blogging platform and blog name will best fit your lifestyle blog and blogging needs.

One thing you might want to do while you anticipate setting up your own blog is checking out other lifestyle blogs and websites. Get motivated by reading articles by older bloggers. While starting out a new blog, you can choose to learn from other bloggers, as that will help you process ways in which you can stand out when you begin your own blog.

Launch a Successful Lifestyle Blog in Seven Steps


Want to manage a successful blog?
If yes, then you should try as much as possible to leave your blog uncluttered. To do this, you should have and choose a specific niche, regardless of how many areas you intend exploring. It is highly advisable that you pick a specific topic area that your blog will revolve around most importantly. There are lots of niches to choose from as a lifestyle blogger and some of this include; DIY hacks, beauty and makeup, self-help, and so on.

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A good way to choose a blogging niche is by figuring out what your interests and expertise are. If you enjoy writing lifestyle related articles then you will be able to blog without having to struggle. Do you love cooking and trying out new recipes, a food blog might just be what you need. Are you a good fashionista? Start your own fashion blog.


After choosing your niche, the next thing you should work on, is choosing your blog name. When setting out on a mission for a blog name, you should have three things in mind;

  1. Choose a blog name that is simple and easy to spell
  2. Your blog name should not be difficult to remember
  3. Lastly, a blog name should have a connection with what you intend blogging about.

Since choosing a blog name can be a bit overwhelming, you may want to check out my guide on how to choose the perfect a blog name.


Once you have picked a blog name, the next thing to do is launch your own lifestyle blog, but before you do that, you need to decide what blogging software to make use of that will meet your requirement.

When you are starting out your new blog, you can choose to use a free blogging platform or a self-hosted blogging platform. I recommend using if you have just enough money to do the needful (Check out the difference between and But if you do not, you can settle for a free blogging platform, precisely since it allows you to set up a custom domain name and gives you access to unlimited space. This post will guide you in creating a blog with blogger. If you are worried over wordpress’ security, you can make use of squarespace, a premium blogging platform. This post will tell you more about squarespace


If you have chosen to create your lifestyle blog with the self-hosted version of WordPress, you will need a web hosting provider. A hosting account offers you a personal space on the Internet where you can store files, photos, and contents of your website.

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Good news is, there are currently lots of special low rate hosting plans from great hosting companies online;
You can launch your lifestyle blog with BlueHost for less than $4 per month. BlueHost gives you a free domain, unlimited hosting space, unlimited bandwidth or file transfer, unlimited email accounts and access to a free 1-click WordPress installation.

To start your own lifestyle blog and get a special discount, click here or the image below:

You can check out this list of inexpensive web hosting providers recommended for you. If you are in Nigeria, you can check out this list of best web hosting companies for Nigerians
After you have completed the signup and have gotten your account from bluehost or any other web hosting provider you have chosen, you need sign in to your control panel with your login details, and “Install WordPress”.


After setting up your blog on your desired platform, choosing a theme for your blog will be next in line. You will need to login to your admin panel and change the default theme to a much better one. WordPress gives you a selection of free themes to pick from but you can also find great and personalized themes elsewhere online.

Below are great sources for Premium themes

  1. ThemeForest, a great source for wordpress and blogger themes,
  2. Etsy; A market for inexpensive wordpress, and blogger themes.
  3. Creative Market; Another great source for wordpresss and blogger themes
  4. Eleganthemes (WordPress Themes)

I recommend that you settle with a premium theme as it gives you that uniqueness and support from its developer for rainy days. Most themes premium theme cost between $25-80. You can also see very cheap themes on etsy but be sure to make your selection wisely. This post will guide you on choosing the right theme for a female audience.


Apart from beautifying your blog with a theme, you’ll need a logo to help in building your brand and people to know you. You can use Photoshop or to create a simple log for your blog. Also, you can pay designers to create a much better logo for your blog, if you have just the money to spend.

Note that you can always change your theme and logo if they do not meet your need but try as much as possible not to change your blog name and domain name as it will greatly affect your blog growth.

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If you intend developing your blog in the best way, then you should have social profiles set up for your blog with your blog’s name. Create a page for your blog on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest and other popular social media platforms in your area.


Plugins are important but not compulsory, they are meant to solve specific problems or/and provide essential functions. They help in the management of running of great and intending great blogs. There are tons of plugins to choose from; therefore, I will be listing a few that you should most definitely have on your wordpress blog.

  1. WP Sercurity / wp cerber; This plugin helps you secure your wordpress blog from hackers. you can read this detailed guide on how to change your wordpress blog in link with wp cerber
  2. Yoast Seo; This plugin is a must have as it helps you create seo optimized posts.
  3. Akismet; This plugin blocks spam comments on your blog posts.
  4. Jetpack; A plugin that gives you real time statistics of visits on your blog.
  5. Nextscript; This an auto post plugin that automatically share newly published posts to your social accounts once setted up.



At this stage, your blog should be 99% in good standing and all it requires is its first post.

First of all, delete the default welcome post automatically posted by the wordpress before publishing your first post. Make sure you are logged in to your WordPress admin panel, then look for and click on Posts> Add New and you’ll be taken to a blank page. In addition, if you have created your blog on Blogger, navigate to Posts>New Post, then you will be taken to a blank page.

Getting Post Ideas for your new blog

Lastly, as a new blogger, you may experience a bit of the infamous writer’s block. Incase you get stuck on what to post;  you can check out any of the post below or both for bigger ideas.

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