95 Blog Post Ideas For Lifestyle Bloggers

95 Blog Post Ideas For Lifestyle Bloggers 1
topics for lifestyle blogs

A lifestyle blog allows you focus on many different niches. You can explore the world and write about several topics without restricting yourself.

Want to start a blog? I have written an extensive guide on how to start a lifestyle blog and explore your creativity.

It doesn’t take much to become a blogger but creating quality contents to keep your blog alive can be challenging. To make things a lot easier for you, I will discuss some of best ways to get topics for lifestyle blogs. You will also find a list of 95 lifestyle blog post ideas to help you beat writers block.

5 Ways To Get Blog Post Ideas For A Lifestyle Blog

Sometimes, you feel you’ve written all that is left to write! But the world is definitely too large for a limited number of topics. Every day is a new day for emerging blog post ideas.

Get blog post ideas on Quora

There are various questions and answer sites, of which Quora and ask are great places to start with. Take note of what people are asking and create content that answer such questions.

To get the best of Quora for your lifestyle blog, choose categories in your niche to get related questions about contents you can write about.

3. Write down your ideas immediately they Come

As a blogger you will always get flashes of ideas you can write about. Inspiration comes from anywhere and at anytime, so, it’s important you to always write them down as they come.

There are various note-taking apps for bloggers that enable you write on the go. You can take a few minutes off whatever you are doing and save your inspirations for later.

Whenever you are ready to write your post, it will be easier to look into your journal or note app for the blog topic ideas rather than racking your brain because inspirations run off as quickly as they come.

Do keyword research

Keywords research is one of the best ways to come up with blog post ideas. Keywords research is not the easiest way to get content ideas, but it sure one of the most recommended because you will be able to create contents that people are looking to read.

If you are new to keyword research you can use tools like UberSuggest for finding endless keywords you write blog post about. Ubersuggest gives you 3 free daily searches that can do just enough for you.

I suggest you learn about the best practices for finding the best keywords. Some helpful resources below;

Brainstorm fresh lifestyle blog post ideas from your old posts

Although old posts are as good as great, reading your previous blog posts is a great way to find an empty space that you may have missed.

You can always improve on blog posts or create fresh content from a heading that requires more contents.

Use blog topic generators

Sometimes all you need is a push. Blog topic generators offer an easy fix to writers block. If you are confused about what to write, use these tools to generate new content ideas. In most cases, you only need to input a keyword to get tons of blog titles.

Still lost on what to write?

I have compiled a list of 95 topics for lifestyle blogs. You can copy as is or make changes to suit your brand.

95 lifestyle blog post ideas

Listed in no order;

  1. Share a horrible experience with a product.
  2. Blog posts you admire from other bloggers.
  3. Review products you’ve used in the past.
  4. Write about the beautiful places around the world you’ll love to visit.
  5. Why you chose your favourite social media platform.
  6. If you’ve got a good number of followers on Instagram, let your readers know your strategy.
  7. Share the hardest part of your blogging journey.
  8. Share a dream you’d love to actualise.
  9. Take your readers on a journey through your blogging struggles.
  10. Every blogger has a blogging hack, share your blogging tips.
  11. Share the lessons you’ve learnt from your blogging mistakes.
  12. Share your daily blogging routine.
  13. Write about self-improvement ideas.
  14. Share some tips on on how to manage stress during work.
  15. Blog about beauty? Share your best beauty tips and hacks.
  16. If you love novels, recommend the best of all you’ve read to your blog readers.
  17. Review a book you’ve read.
  18. Share a list of your best YouTube channels and why they would be worth your reader’s time.
  19. Let your readers know more about you. Share something fun and crazy about you.
  20. Talk about your blog design and why you chose it.
  21. If you are an affiliate marketer, pick products you are familiar with and write a review.
  22. Recommend useful products to your readers letting them know why they need them.
  23. Let your readers know why some blogging tutorials aren’t worth the struggle.
  24. Share your money-making strategy, whether online or offline.
  25. Share your challenges of being extroverted or introverted.
  26. Let your readers know which country you’d love to live in with your family and why.
  27. Start a 30-day challenge you can finish (started one, never finished it!).
  28. Interview a fellow blogger who’s been successful with his/her blogging career.
  29. Share with your readers your biggest success and how you achieved it.
  30. Let your followers know your likes and dislikes as well as how you cope with people with dissimilar qualities.
  31. Share a life changing experience.
  32. If you’ve had and overcame a psychological problem, write about your struggles and how you scaled through.
  33. Write about your several new year resolutions that you never worked towards achieving.
  34. Start a weekly routine of answering questions from your blog readers. Create a section of your blog where questions are posted to you from your readers and a specific date for attending to such questions.
  35. Write about a celebrity you deem a role model.
  36. Write about specific countries you’d love to visit for their tourist centres.
  37. Share your best blogging tools you’d recommend to your blog readers.
  38. Write about your best and worst travel experiences.
  39. Share with your readers why you love or/and hate your current location.
  40. Juxtapose your worst and greatest day.
  41. Share a real life crazy experience and lessons to be learnt.
  42. Describe your ideal job and why you deserve it.
  43. Share with your readers how you manage blogging alongside your school activities or job if any.
  44. Share with your readers how you started your blog and why.
  45. Write about various blogs you recommend your blog readers to follow and tell them why they are worth following.
  46. Share with your readers your top smart phones applications you cannot do without.
  47. Send a shout out to your most active blog readers (user comments are great ways to discover this) and encourage others by giving them something great.
  48. Support or oppose an article you’ve read that’s largely related to your lifestyle blog niche.
  49. Share the unusual fashion sense you’ve seen, either in public or online.
  50. If you’ve learnt something new, share with your reader what you’ve learnt and how difficult or simple it was to learn.
  51. Share an outfit of the day and why you love them.
  52. Share some Inspirational articles.
  53. Write a list of your favourite inspirational quotes.
  54. Write a list of your favourite Motivational quotes.
  55. Write about affirmations to help your readers stay on par with their goals.
  56. Make a list of the things you are grateful for.
  57. Share your blogging income report if you’ve got one. This can turn out to be a monthly routine.
  58. Interview someone who inspires you and let your readers know why they inspire you.
  59. Write about your role models and share with your readers what you’ve learnt from them over the years.
  60. Share with your readers the amazing ways you have managed to encourage yourself.
  61. Share with your readers your favourite food or recipe and why they are worth trying.
  62. Start a fun challenge and let your blog audience participate in it for a prize gift.
  63. Take a blast back to the past and share something spectacular and capable of making an average blog reader nostalgic.
  64. Share your favourite YouTube channels and let your audience know why they would get glued.
  65. Share the amazing ways you promote your latest blog posts and which technique works best for you.
  66. Share Some blogging tips for new bloggers.
  67. Let your audience know the Things you let go for success.
  68. Write a post about sites similar yours
  69. Share your time saving hacks.
  70. Visit the past, bring a list of your best posts.
  71. Share the mistakes you learned from.
  72. Share some tips on how to stay relevant on social media
  73. Share your blogging journey with your audience.
  74. Let your readers know how much your blog is worth.
  75. Write about all that you have achieved with your blog.
  76. Let your audience know why it’s cool to start a lifestyle blog.
  77. Make a list of the lifestyle bloggers you look up to.
  78. Teach your readers how to start a profitable lifestyle blog.
  79. Share some DIY hacks.
  80. Share your Struggle with procrastination.
  81. Your tips for creating an awesome (facebook page, Google profile, youtube, etc!).
  82. Share your most soothing experience as a blogger.
  83. Let your readers know how you manage your social media and blog.
  84. Write about something you can not live without as a blogger.
  85. Share some facts your readers don’t know about you.
  86. Share with your readers the hacks you employ to stay motivated for work.
  87. Share some tips on how to make a great first impression.
  88. Let your readers know your top money saving hacks.
  89. Write about anything related to your career journey
  90. How to become more disciplined and reach your goals.
  91. If you have a shop, let your readers know why they need your products.
  92. let your readers know how you manage your time.
  93. Let your readers know how you plan your week ahead.
  94. Share your favourite self care routine.
  95. Write your own list of blog post topics for lifestyle blogs.

Writing is difficult! But as creatives we need to discover new ways to beat each challenge and this list of post ideas hopes to help every lifestyle blogger create fresh new contents as often as possible.

I hope you find these topics for lifestyle blogs helpful.