How My Blog Almost Failed; Don’t Make The Same Mistake

I have been running Blogtrovert since 2016 and wish I did better with it. Though I never saw it as a failure, I could feel it crashing. My blog almost failed, but have managed to pull through with a haggard growth.

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Sometimes, in our quests to make a meaning of our lives, we get overloaded with information, mostly unnecessary. Some of us continue to go in circles looking for the best opportunities; losing ourselves in the world wide web.

I have spent the bulk of my time on the internet jumping from side hustles to side hustles, testing waters, making money and sometimes wasting time. Despite my shortcomings, I am grateful for all the experiences.

Genius At Trying Out Everything

In a post which dates back to 2019, I recounted everything I had done to make money online. My experiences have since doubled; as I continue growing more skills, trying out more ideas than actually blogging.

While learning and practising is an excellent strategy to develop oneself, I may have missed the part that required me to focus on a skill or business. I kept getting drawn into something new, ignoring my blog while it struggled.

Over the course of 4 years, I explored freelancing on Fiverr, vlogging on YouTube affiliate marketing, cryptocurrency, Amazon KDP, print on demand, digital products and web development.

My Big Wins

My web development journey brought to life the ChicPixies project that I have been working on since 2020. She’s still in the beta stage but coming out of the closet soon. She’s out!

In 2021, I delved into blockchain and cryptocurrency for the second time. It was a rollercoaster. I made some losses due to uncertainties, hard luck and, yes, greed. My experiences with crypto weren’t all losses and ouch, it also made 2021 an exceptional year. I am grateful for all it offered and the doors we could open.

My diversified knowledge helped me introduce some opportunities the internet holds openly for us to my friends. I became the go-to person for questions about businesses on the internet. I may not be the best at taking my advice, but seeing how people grow through the knowledge I share makes everything a lot easier to take in.

Why Am I Sharing My Story?

First, I don’t want you going along the same route.

Also, the internet is a web of information. If you are not careful, you will lose yourself.

Here is some advice you may have seen before:

Find one skill or business idea you can develop and focus on it. You do not have to attempt every million dollar idea that comes your way. I have failed woefully at consistency and cannot emphasize enough how important it is to be consistent with your craft.

Once you find something that works for you, it’s best to keep every other idea in check and build!

Like me, you may hunger for growth and balance, but it makes no difference if it’s all going to be mere desires. Success comes from working hard and being smart. Do not do everything you love!

The Future Of Blogtrovert

The year is 2022. I’m getting older, and the need to find balance tickles me every day. I see the mistakes and wish I didn’t let the blog suffer for my explorations.

There is a lot to discover here. My writing improved, but my consistency did not. 

Consistency is what you need for your future. We can develop amazing growth strategies but they will all mean nothing if we do not stay consistent.

My blog was failing, but everything required to make it a success has always been within my reach.

The future will always be bright. Hopefully Blogtrovert becomes more than I have made it to be.

What Does This Mean For You?

My blog was failing, but you don’t have to experience the same with your business. One thing you can do is learn from my mistakes. Do all that you can to maintain your business successes.

While my shortcomings may have opened some other doors for me, our stories are different.

Find balance in all you do. Do not ditch a working project for uncertainties.

Working on a new project? Don’t let the other suffer! Better still, focus on thing and let it EXPLODE!