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Capterra reviews; earn upto $150 reviewing the products you use

Capterra reviews
Capterra paid reviews

Earn upto $100 – $150 for taking part in Capterra Reviews

Have you ever talked about the products you have used with your friends and families?

If yes, then what you have done is product review. You may have loved or hated it and needed to share your experience with someone else.

Now, do you know that there are business owners who would pay you to review the products and services you used in the past? This post will show you how to make money writing Product reviews.

Make money online with Capterra reviews

You can earn up to $150 with Capterra paid reviews for writing about your experiences with products you are using or have used.

To give you an insight of products you can review for cash, I have listed 10 out of the many software/product/tools you can write about below;

Now, imagine earning $10 for each review you write about the products above. If you have used all of them, then you will mostly likely make $100 by taking part in capterra paid reviews. This review platform offers up $150, redeemable via Capterra gift cards or credit card.

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What Is Capterra?

Capterra is a free Web service that aims to help businesses find the right software solutions.


What Wikipedia didn’t tell us is the fact that capterra also pays users to review (up to 10) products they have used for $10 each. It’s okay to doubt this, because I did too. It was seemingly too good to be true, but, it’s true!

Just to reiterate, Capterra is an online review site that pays users to review products they have used. Users are expected to write about the pros (likes) and cons (dislikes) of products they choose to review.

The review site is 100% free and legit – from personal experience. Capterra opens opportunities for paid reviews on occasions and right now, they are taking new registrations. Jump on it before it’s too late!

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Discovering Capterra Paid Reviews

Capterra reviews payment proof

My friend introduced me to Capterra paid reviews but I doubted its legitimacy and was sceptical about the whole “get paid to review” idea. I mean, who would pay me for complaining?

The Capterra review site turned out to be real after I received and redeemed my first payment of $5 virtual visa card ( best for people living outside the United States).

How to take part in capterra reviews for money

All Capterra wants you to do is write about your experience with software and services you have used. There are tons of products on capterra to review and I bet you must have used at least one product, if not 10.

Joining capterra is probably one of the easiest thing to do. It is is not difficult to register in the platform because all you are required to do is sign in with your LinkedIn account whenever you want to review a product. I believe you have a LinkedIn account.

Note: Capterra does not accept fresh out of the box LinkedIn accounts.

Important Notice
You will receive $5 for your first review, then $10 each for 10 more reviews.

If you are writing capterra reviews for money, you will get paid for 10 approved reviews. If you decide to leave more product reviews, you will not be compensated. But hey, $100 is a great deal to earn for sharing your likes and dislikes.

How to write your first product review on Capterra

Remember I made mention of the fact that you you’ll need a LinkedIn account to register on capterra. You must always login via LinkedIn to leave reviews.

• First visit Capterra, You should see a site similar to the screenshot below.

capterra homepage

I used my smartphone to access capterra, hence the mobile view.

• Once you are in the capterra site, click on “Write Review Now” or use the search box to find a product you are using or have used in the past. Here are possible blogging and tech savvy products/software you may be using.

  • WordPress
  • Mailchimp
  • Surveymonkey
  • Ahrefs
  • Google doc
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Google hangout
  • Microsoft excel
  • Google drive (drive by Google)
  • Microsoft word
  • Google sheet

• After you’ve searched for and clicked the product you would like to review, Let’s assume you want to review WordPress; simply click on the review button, you will see a pop up requesting you to sign-in using your linkedIn ID.

All you have to do is sign into your LinkedIn account and allow capterra to access your account then you’ll be directed to the product you want to review.

Capterra uses your LinkedIn ID to verify that you are a real human who may have proper knowledge of the software you wish to review.

Capterra reviews are divided into 3 pages;

  1. Product overall ratings by the user
  2. User detailed review about the product’s pros and cons.
  3. Product usage details by user

• When you submit your review, capterra will notify you via an email about their approval criteria (this happens whenever you submit a new review). You will receive an email similar to the one below.

In 5 working days, your review once approved will get published. But it can take up-to more than 19 days to receive your payment.

How to earn extra $50 with Capterra paid reviews

I stated earlier that you can earn up to $150 with Capterra. I’m not taking back my words1 You can make the additional $50 if you refer up-to 10 friends. To earn your referral reward, your friends must write their first review and Capterra must approve and publish the review.

You can only refer other people after Capterra publishes your first product review. You will receive your referral link immediately you submit a second review.

If you sign up through my capterra referral link, I will earn bits of the extra $50 if they approve your first review.

Capterra payment methods

Your can redeem your rewards via gift cards or virtual visa card. If you are not in the US, I advise you to opt-in for the virtual visa card because you can not use the gift cards outside the US.

  • You can use the virtual visa card to shop online on any shop that accepts visa card payment.
  • You can sell Giftcards for cash to vendors who are interested in purchasing them.

My experience with Capterra reviews – capterra payment proof.

capterra payment proof
Capterra payment proof

Just few days after I received my first $5, I successfully wrote 10 additional reviews.

capterra payment proof
Capterra payment proof

7 days after my additional reviews, I received $75 ($5 for referring a friend). This made me discover that only the first approval may take up to 19 days, but this could be different for you.

My friend got her first payment in less than a week. I await the approval of my remaining 3 reviews. (update: I was unable to make a successful product review to earn the remaining $30, but I got more than $50 for referring friends, up to $80).

Also, I will get an extra $5 if you join using my capterra referral link and get your first review approved.

Good Luck Guys

Update On Capterra Paid Reviews

I saved a great deal after getting paid to review products on capterra. I was able to renew my web hosting plan and got a few goodies off Aliexpress.

Were you able to earn with the capterra paid reviews?


  • Hello. I registered and dropped my first review few days ago, and it was just published, but I didn’t receive any incentives. I’ve checked the rewards page but it’s the same thing. Does the incentive come immediately after your review has been published or do I wait for a while?

  • I’m very thankful for this info,I want to know if my LinkedIn account can be a student account,(basically if I can use a student LinkedIn account for the capterra reviews)

  • This was really educating,downloading LinkedIn right away, can I open the account as a student tho? Like would I be let to review products on capterra if my LinkedIn account says “student “?

    • Yes you can, but be sure to add your qualifications. I was a student when I reviewed products on Capterra.

  • Absolutely enlightening to have this heads up before venturing into reviewing

  • Hi Onome, hope this meets you well. So I opened a LinkedIn account for a while now(I can’t really recall when but I’d say roughly 4 months) with my email but haven’t done anything there like followed anyone or even have a following. Like it isn’t optimised at all.
    Hope this kind of account doesn’t count as fresh out of the box?
    Please help
    And PS: If I’m to open another LinkedIn account with a new email now, how long do I need to wait, for it to not count as a fresh out of the box account?

    • Hello, it would be best if you set up your LinkedIn to reflect what you do as that’s what Capterra is looking out it. They want to be sure you are reviewing products you use for your business or job.

  • Hi,
    I received an amazon E-CODE from capterra as a reward. I’m just unable to unlock it to obtain my claim code. I’m in Nigeria, please assist me to unlock the E-CODE to obtain my claim code, and sell it in naira.

    NB: The security code and redemption url was sent to me.


  • I will give this a try though there are alot of frauds out there on the social media . if not for the review , I won’t tried it out but thanks for the Review.. Thanks for sharing

  • i have review this capttera over 3 month i dont see any gift card can anyone have exprience about how to review it and earn

  • I appreciate your useful post. Does the company pay for all reviews or just some of them? How can I find the reviews that are paid for only?

  • Great,i do not have virtual visa card, how can i reedem gift card to paypal.Please guide.

  • Pls I need to be here sound like it real thing!i having problen with finding a legit spare work online.Ibthink this is the right placr to be can i have info on how to register in this platform

  • Please how do i open a virtual visa card account. Secondly, is it until my review has been approved before i get paid or what.

  • Capterra sucks!. They never approve the reviews. You can review forever with no guarantee that even one will be approved.

    • Sorry about your experience. You can hardly tell Capterra’s criteria for approving reviews, but I know they approve and pay for reviews. You just have to be realistic when writing about your experience with products or services.

    • hi, there are so many reasons why one’s review might be discarded. I advice you check the I terms and conditions. Some of my reviews were posted without payment but I discovered in their terms that you only GET paid for reviews that have incentive offers. I got paid for a review sent to me with an incentive offer of 20USD MasterCard giftcard

  • I’m surely gonna create time to personally look into these!
    Thanks a lot for the intel… Guess I’ve found a reliable blogger

  • I did sign up with a LinkedIn account but still there’s no indication if I’ve approved or not…and I really want to know if capterra is still functioning till now.

  • I recently wrote a review of SimpleSite on Capterra (a software review site) and have been given a referral link to share with other SimpleSite users through the Capterra Reviewer Referral Program. The first five people who write a high-quality review on SimpleSite using my link will receive a $15 gift card from Capterra!

  • Hello friend, this promotion is still valid for reviews, it pays because I made one and they didn’t pay me to do it

  • Thanks you for this information, can you throw more light on the maximum 10 review per user, is it maximum of 10 review per day or per month, because I watch a video where the person said we can be making $100 daily on capttera, pls throw more light on this.

  • The article is genuine…
    I tried and earned 100$ but I didn’t get any referral link.
    Can u please tell where can I get that link…

    • Hello Divesh, after your 2nd review, capterra will send an email containing your referral link. Except they discontinued referrals.

  • pls,I did my first review with capterra 3days ago but haven’t received my $5 gift card.
    pls cannot move on performing more 10 reviews ?or I should wait till am given $5, gift card before continuing..
    pls help and guide.

  • I have been rewarded for my 1st review (5$) but is there no way i can transfer the funds from the visa gift card to my bank account?

    • Hi Ayomide, you can sell it or simply shop online with it… One easy way of selling your funds is by creating and connecting the card to PayPal, then look for anyone would love to buy some funds.

  • I applied already, i already wrote my first review, i wrote two tho, but i’m nt seeing anything like a user panel where i can see the amounts earned. And please, how do i get my referral link?

    • Hi Ayomide, since you’ve written your first review, be patient, if your review gets approved, Capterra will mail you a $5 reward. Once you receive the first reward,you can review another product, Capterra will send an email instructing you to refer friends, click to visit your user panel. you’ll see your approved reviews, number of friends you’ve referred and your referral link. Remember every individual is entitled to 10 reviews after the first. All the best.

  • Do they have options of payment via PayPal or any online payment system? And how do we get a virtual visa card? please create articles on these issues because it knowledge is impotant in this case. And Thanks For Sharing, will sure use your refferal link.

    • Hi Emintah… There is no cash out via PayPal or any other online payment processors. They simply give you gift cards. But you can use your virtual visa card on PayPal. Also… Capterra gives you a virtual visa card if you choose it as a means to claim your reward.

      • Please trow more light on redeeming through virtual card and websites that one can use it to shop. I redeemed $70 through amazon but shipping fee on amazon is too expensive and I have lots of things to shop for. Another reward is on the way, I need to redeem through virtual card but I don’t have virtual card account. Please help your sis ooo. I really need to shop for baby things, please be fast with your reply. And I still can’t get my referral link ooo.. Please forgive my disturbances and thanks for your help.

        • Hi Tessy, Except Capterra changed the rules, you can choose between redeeming through Amazon gift card, virtual visa card and the rest.

    • Thanks for these informative post.
      Am also a benefactor of capterra-paid-reviews, at least I have redeemed my first $20 Amazon gift card just for writing 2 reviews. My problem is I don’t know how to get my capterra referral Link. Please do help me out, thanks.

  • I will give this a try.
    You did a very wonderful review of capterra here.
    I will sure register using your referral link.
    But by virtual Visa card you mean?
    Please shine more light lol

    • Please do. A virtual visa card is a credit card, though not accessed physically can be used to shop in sites where VISA cards are accepted.

  • This is interesting. If not for this review, I’d not think of trying it out because there are so many lies on the internet now. Will give this a try with your link. Thanks for sharing!

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