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The Sad Truth About Paid Survey sites in Nigeria

Paid survey sites in Nigeria

Still looking for how to make money with paid surveys in Nigeria?

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So, I’m currently dusting myself off the fact that I participated in paid surveys in Nigeria and kept on trying to get into more survey sites. These sites not only wasted my time, but also shattered every atom of sanity I had.

Indeed, taking part in surveys for cash is one of the many ways people make money online from home. Online surveys enable people to earn money by answering simple questions provided to them by survey platforms on behalf of companies, vendors and businesses.

But the question is; are they worth it?

What are paid surveys?

Surveys are set up for different purposes and can differ from each other depending on the goal of the research.

Companies or business owners usually use data from surveys to evaluate their product and services or gather information about customers’ habits and needs.

Companies gather information to work on the needs of the market and improve on products or services offered to people.

The truth about online surveys for money in Nigeria

I’m wondering,

How much have you made through the years by participating in paid surveys?

Responses may differ, largely due to the location of the respondents.

Something you should know about taking surveys

There are countries that enjoy taking part in online surveys. It is totally amazing if you live in such a country. It’s a different ball game if you don’t and worse if you live in q third word country like Nigeria.

If you live in the US, Canada, UK, and some other countries, I will be surprised if you have never made any reasonable amount of money from actively taking paid online surveys.

It is easier to get paid opportunities in the aforementioned countries because most vendors and business owners often look for responses from users in those locations.

Are there paid surveys In Nigeria?

Yes, there are sites that claim to offer online surveys for money in Nigeria. In fact, you can join these websites. But then, you will may end up being disappointed because, you may never qualify to take part in the acclaimed paid surveys. We are like space fillers.

Some time ago, while looking for paid surveys, I discovered that some websites advertised paid surveys for people living in Nigeria.

Oh well, I was glad to realize that there were paid surveys in Nigeria that could make me some money. But then, they were not worth it at all. I got tired of getting notified of available surveys that I almost never qualified to answer.

Do paid surveys really work for Nigerians?

Recently, I noticed a few paid surveys in Nigeria like Afrisight and Triaba that have been niched down for Nigeria and a few other African countries. One notable feature of these survey sites is their affiliation with Cint, an insight exchange company.

The sites that claim to offer paid surveys in Nigeria are not stand-alone companies and the surveys curated for you are originally from Cint. So, there is a chance that you may not qualify for those cute surveys you constantly receive in your email.

I’m not trying to discourage you from looking for paid surveys for Nigeria, but I have to be frank with you; even a site that claims to offer paid surveys for nigeria” Do Not Curate Surveys That Target Nigerians. First, you have to qualify for a survey, then you have to worry about getting your money locally when it’s time to get paid.

So, if you manage to participate in surveys, how do your get your money out?

Should you take online surveys for money in Nigeria?

Personally, I would say no, don’t! If you must, I will do a quick review of Afrisight survey platform below. You can also work with Triaba.

These aforementioned platforms target Nigerians and pay locally. You can try any of them as they are both affiliated with the same company, ‘Cint‘ and the same surveys are sent out on both platforms.

My Honest Afrisight Review

You will find many Afrisight reviews on the internet, but you may never find one like mine. I am a serial online side hustle hunter and have first hand experience with Afrisight. I’ll leave my review and hope it helps you decide on whether or not to take part in Afrisight Survey.

What Is Afrisight

AfriSight is a survey platform powered by Cint and offers Africans a chance to make money online taking surveys. Afrisight claims it’s dedicated to making your voice heard while you earn from it.

Is Afrisight Legit

Earlier, I made mention of afrisight. If you need answers to whether this paid survey site that target Nigerians is legit or scam, then my answer is: YES, AFRISIGHT IS LEGIT. But being legit does not make this platform worth your time or stress.

My Experience With Afrisight survey platform

After more than a year on Afrisight, I could only boast of $7 in earnings, which I never got to fully cash out due to the withdrawal issues. The platform has since fixed the withdrawal issues.

I tried using Afrisight for over a year and could only qualify for and completed a few surveys. Afrisight and Triaba may not be scams but you might want to look somewhere else, far away from paid online surveys if you really want to make good money online.

When I gave Afrisight survey platform a shot, I wasn’t impressed with them, but they’ve since grown better. Withdrawal was an issue as the then PayPal payout option wasn’t functional for Nigerians.

I had to contact them directly to get my payout. They were only able to send part of my earnings as airtime since there was no way to withdraw directly from the platform.

Update on Afrisight survey platform: you can now withdraw earnings to your local bank account

Afrisight survey platform has now added the functionality to withdraw your funds into your Nigerian bank account.

Once you reach $5.00 threshold, you can withdraw your earnings directly into your local bank account if you use Afrisight surveys in Nigeria.

Can You Make Money on Afrisight survey platform?

Yes, you can make money on Afrisight survey platform, but you’ll need a lot of patience.

I was only patient enough to try Afrisight survey platform for a year and although it wasn’t a good experience, they’ve grown better and now offer a great withdrawal method to Nigerians.

I am not a big fan of taking part in surveys for money due to the low incentive and acceptance rate, you can give it a shot if you are only looking to make tiny bits of money on the side.

If you really want to make a few bucks online in Nigeria, I suggest that you take part in capterra paid reviews to earn up to $150.

Do other paid survey sites in Nigeria work?

Honestly do not waste your time. Access to the internet is expensive and you’ll only be spending money you will not be able to replace. Most of these paid online surveys in nigeria send out surveys that do not fit into our demographic location.

Other platforms like The Panel Station, SurveySavvy, Global Test Market, Quest Mindshare, Univox, Executive Opinion and Opinion World that you see online aren’t worth your time. The Panel Station is just another big-time waster that makes us take part in time-consuming surveys for a grand cash prize or else, tiny bits of points.

The only platform I know that currently pays locally is Afrisight survey platform. So, if you want to give paid surveys sites in Nigeria a shot regardless of the limitations; Afrisight survey could be your best bet. But then, I will reiterate – don’t waste too much time with surveys while you search for genuine ways to make money online.

Paid Survey in Nigeria By Nigerians

There are lots of vendors and companies in Nigeria that may need the opinion of customers in the future. So while you stay in your search for genuine ways to make money in Nigeria, hope that an indigenous survey that targets Nigerians will emerge.

Paid surveys in Africa at large may not be worthwhile in the long run.

Better opportunities to make money online in Nigeria

Stop thinking of how to make money with paid survey sites in nigeria and explore other opportunities.

I understand the struggle of an average Nigerian, so I have written a number of blog posts to help you find the perfect opportunity to make money online in Nigeria.


  • This is commendable and we need to share with each other good and payment viable survey sites we know and have worked with for some time with others because men our rulers have bastardised Nigeria.

  • Thanks so much all for all the info!
    Was really serious about this online paid survey thing…… but now, I guess its not really worth it.
    I am fairly new to all of these but I really want to start making money online legitimately.
    Was also thinking of other online stuff like….Video Editing Job; Web Design; Graphics Design; Freelance Writing.
    Pls advice on which is best for one who is really serious to make money legitimately online and who is ready to really work…… i mean, really ready to give all it takes to start working and making legit money online.

    • Hello, while I can’t make the decision for you, I feel you already have an idea of what you want to do and just need to find what works for you among these ideas you listed.

  • Its really hard to make money through surveys but seeing people’s comment makes me surprised.
    I have been using afrisight for two years, they are not perfect but they are not that bad considering the industry in Nigeria.
    I have made over 200$ in this two years, it’s not alot but at least I get paid twice a month, sometimes more.
    And I use mobiworkz too, they only pay with airtime, takes over 10 days to get the airtime after withdrawing but i manage them.
    I’m talking too much but to all the friends that I have introduced, I tell them to take a different approach and don’t wait for invite before you check for survey.

  • I have been on Afrisight platform for months now and taken part in some surveys. But I have not been able to get a pay out.
    I keep getting” no pay out activity” any time I try to request for payment.
    What do I need to do

  • Oh! My God!!! I,ve Lost All My Hope To Become Millioner Or Rich Man In Future Because This One And Half Year That I Wasn’t Sleeping In The Night,i Was Struggeling Always Through Many An Uncountles Platforms

  • Good afternoon.

    I’m just coming from a tour of these survey websites. I won’t lie, I’m tired. They’re almost all affiliated to Cint.

    Your article was very honest, I must say and it resonated with my experience. I’m a first-timer here, by the way.

    I also just got your ebook on starting a lifestyle blog. I’ll go through it soon.

    Thank you.

  • Thanks for d information u gave. I was planning to get involve surveys, but I m cautioned now. May the Lord bless all of u that gave candid opinions & shared personal experiences.

  • Thanks. This is really helpful. Anyone that knows any survey site that pays Nigerians locally should let us know please. Am tired of PayPal wahala. They have deducted my money two consecutive time, yet No code sent.

  • If you know any online survey or legit site that pays weather Nigeria or other countries please you can share it here some of them needs VPN and if you know anything about VPN you can also share with us thank you all and also thanks for the message I really appreciate

  • Patience pays…
    I got my payout of 5.93 dollars, same day I applied to withdraw.
    They’ve been crediting me airtime since I joined in 2018… Before they included the direct to back payout feature. Be patient. Minimum withdrawal is $5. I’ve got proof of all these. Afrisight is legit. PayPal in Nigeria might take a lot of stress not just from afrisight. That’s the country we are in. I guess they noticed and made it direct to account. I’m enjoying Afrisight oh.

    • Hello Bunni, thank you for your comment. I’ll check them out and update the post, but I never called them scam, only shared my experience and legit warned people of what to expect from such platforms

  • I can relate to this 100% . I recently started going round this so called survey sights since ASUU strike is lingering. I agree it was a very good way to pass time, but ii won’t get you money. Afrisight gives me surveys that I never qualify to take. Other survey sights aren’t for Nigerians. Pure profile isn’t for Nigerians but I’m on it anyway. I currently have just one measly dollar. I take part in surveys alright, but the once I see to take part in aren’t pai once. Recapcha solving is another way to make money online but mehhnn it eats precious time. I don’t recommend unless you want to spend your whole life sitting in front of your computer screen. A definite no no. This country Nigeria eh. Its well.

  • Please I need your help.
    I registered with swag bucks and already answered some surveys and already earned 52swagbucks but the cashout means is through PayPal. Please help me

  • Well I just tried panel station , as you are trying to subscribe it will show not available in your country
    I’m tired of all this rubbish!

  • Thank you so much for sharing! I’m fresh out of high school and I’m getting a bit desperate. I even stooped low and messaged Cassper Nyovest to ask him to send me money for my online classes hahahaha. Really appreciate this article and how insightful you are.

  • One of the best articles I’ve read, nicely written Onome. Thanks for saving me from those timewasters, by the way, please I’ll like to know how you were later able to succeed with earning online, or platforms you can recommend to youngsters or people like me who are trying to look for a means of making some money.

    • My blog is my major source of income. I kind of stepped back on trying most minimal online jobs due to many reasosn including my location.

  • You can look up panelstation. They pay with jumia vouchers. Have earned a couple of times with them

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