49 good Facebook groups for bloggers to connect with each other

Facebook groups for Bloggers
best Facebook groups for bloggers

Have you been looking for new ways to promote your new blog or create awareness for your products, business and services?

Do you want to connect with other bloggers on social media?

Then chances are; you will find this post extremely helpful!

Lately I’ve been trying to go a little deeper into sharing my blog and its contents in social media communities and truth is, the result from Facebook groups has been tremendous.

Facebook, today, stands as an online platform for people from around the world to come together and share ideas, collaborate and connect with one another. It is a key player in the world of social media and a great place for meeting like-minded individuals.

For bloggers, Facebook groups is an interesting avenue to get connected with other fellow bloggers and gain from the experiences of people who have already journeyed the field of blogging.

Not only does a blogger get motivated and inspired, but also gain valuable insights about the intricacies of blogging by connecting through such platforms.

In this post, we will take a closer look at the best Facebook groups for bloggers, to help them take their blogging game to the next level.

The benefits of Joining blogging Facebook groups

Facebook Groups have amassed immense popularity over the years and have now become an invaluable part of blogging. The opportunities you stand to get from them will leave you in awe. These groups are essentially perfect for you and I as bloggers!

They provide bloggers with an incredible opportunity to interact, collaborate and learn from not only veteran bloggers but also beginners and up-comers.

Here are the various advantages of joining a Facebook Group:

  • Provides a Platform to Interact & Engage: Joining a Facebook Group is an excellent way to interact and engage with fellow bloggers around the world. It helps them in network building, mentoring and finding new avenues of collaboration.
  • Hands on Advice from Experienced Bloggers: Whether as a mentor or a colleague, experienced bloggers can provide you with invaluable tips, advices and resources that help you hone your blogging skills.
  • Influential Connections & Outreach: Facebook Groups act as a great resource for outreach, connecting with influencers and make yourself seen by potential clients, customers or collaborators.
  • Expands Knowledge: Facebook Groups are known to provide a wide range of important resources, updates and knowledge that can help your blogging journey.

There are so many groups on Facebook targeting people of various interest and works of life. Good news is these groups can actually skyrocket your website when you promote in them.

The best Facebook groups for bloggers

Here, you will find 45 blogging Facebook groups that you can join and participate in. Become a member of all the groups, or make a choice, but be sure to adhere to the rules and guidelines of each group if available.

Listed in no particular order, 49 Facebook groups for bloggers:

No.Group NameMembersGroup Description
1Fabulous Bloggers1,000User engagement threads
2Share Your Blog Post10,000Share your blog posts anytime
3Grow your Blog7,000Posts require approval
4The blogging Squad11,000Daily promotion threads and Q&A Interactive group
5Lovely Bloggers4,000User engagement threads
6Bloggers Education Network6,000Interactive group
7Creative Writers11,000Interactive group
8Blogger Opportunities7,000Q&A Interactive group
9Blogging Paradise18,000Share your blog posts anytime
10FBL:Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers16,000Share your blog posts anytime
11Blog Biz Babes2000User engagement threads
12Blogging Boost27,000Very supportive and active members
13Blog post Share1,000No rules, share posts any time
14New Bloggers Network1,000Interactive and user engagement
15Bloggers United17,000Very active and supportive
16The Blog Boss Tribe4,000User engagement threads
17Make Your Blog Beautiful2,000Interactive and user engagement threads group
18Bloggers69,000No rules, post any time
19Bloggers Supporting Bloggers23,000Engaging threads created for posting
20Bloggers2Brands9,000User engagement threads
21Blogging Network18,000Share blog posts anytime
22Social Marketing Blogs2,000User engagement threads
23Blog Biz Babes2,000User engagement threads
24Blog post Blogs1,000No rules, share posts any time
25New Bloggers Network1,000No rules, post any time
26Bloggers United1,000Very active and supportive Group
27Bloggers Uprising1,000Interactive group
28Blogging with Becky and Paula7,000Interactive group
29Boost Your Blog25,000
30Blog life15,000User engagement threads
31Share your story800No rules, post any time
32SEO, SMO, SEM and Bloggers on Facebook26,000No rules, post any time
33The Blogging Crew10,000User engagement threads
34Boss Girl Bloggers44,000Interactive group
35Bloggers Share & Engage1,000Share posts any time
36Fashion Bloggers25,000Perfect for fashion bloggers
37Blogging Networkers8,000Share your posts
38Bloggers Social Media Support5,000User engagement threads
39BloggersSEO Support2,000Interactive group
40Share Your Blog posts5,0001 post per day
41Bloggers Supporting Each Other26,000User engagement threads
42Oh, She Blogs!1,000Interactive and user engagement threads
43Blog Booster6000User engagement threads. Post your stories
44Blogger Opportunity Group1000Interactive group
45Blog Posts Share3000Post any time
46Blog & social media Engagement Group7,000 User engagement threads
47Boost your Blog 10110000Not possible to post on wall but engaging threads are created for that.
48Mom Blog Tribe2000Interactive and support group for mom Bloggers
49Bloggers for Bloggers1000Interactive group
Facebook groups for bloggers

How to connect with other bloggers outside Facebook

Engage on Other Blogs

Engaging with other bloggers on their platforms is one of the most genuine ways to connect. When you read what other bloggers have to say, it offers different perspectives and inspirations.

  1. Start by finding bloggers who write on topics that resonate with yours.
  2. Read their posts thoroughly and write insightful comments. This encourages a conversation and can lead to a great connection.
  3. Share their posts on your platforms. This shows that you value their work, and it makes it more likely that they’ll return the favor.

Remember, these connections must be sincere and natural. Authentically engaging with fellow bloggers will yield better and long-lasting relationships.

Leverage Twitter for Networking

Twitter is a real gem when it comes to connecting with other bloggers. It’s a platform that promotes interaction and is full of potential blogging connections for you.

  1. Start by following bloggers in your niche and engage with their tweets by liking, retweeting, and replying.
  2. Share your blog posts and use relevant hashtags to increase visibility.
  3. Participate in Twitter chats related to blogging. This gives you visibility and opens up opportunities to meet bloggers with similar interests.

Connect Via LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn’t just for corporate connections; it’s a fertile ground for blogger networking too.

  1. Start by searching for blogging groups on LinkedIn and participate in the discussions.
  2. Reach out directly to bloggers and send them personalized connection requests. Remember, no spammy content or mass requests. Personalization is crucial.
  3. Share blog posts on your LinkedIn to get noticed.

Attend Blogger Meetups

Yes, networking happens beyond the digital world too!

  1. Look out for blogger meetups or conferences in your city.
  2. Be open to conversation and get to know the attendees.
  3. Offer to share insights or participate in panel discussions.

Physical networking can create strong bonds, as it brings a sense of authenticity and closeness that virtual networking sometimes lacks.

Collaborate to Connect

Now that we’ve looked at where and how to connect with other bloggers, there’s one final piece to the puzzle: collaboration.

  1. Guest Blogging: Offer to write guest blogs and invite others to write for you. This cross-exposure benefits both parties.
  2. Interviews: Conduct blogger interviews and share their insights with your readers. This presents an opportunity for both parties to learn from each other and it gives the interviewed blogger exposure to your audience.
  3. Bloggers Round Up: This involves collecting insights from various bloggers on a specific topic and compiling them into one post.

Remember, a good collaboration is built on mutual benefits. The key is to create value for both parties involved.

Persistence and Patience

Finally, it’s important to note that networking takes time. It’s more about building relationships rather than collecting contacts. Persistence and patience are key. Actively engage, genuinely show interest in others’ work, and offer help when needed. The returns will come, sometimes not instantly, but definitely.

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge of how to connect with other bloggers outside Facebook, I hope you’re ready to expand your network and boost your blogging journey. Until next time, happy networking!

Final Note

You should know the types of groups on Facebook (closed, public and secret), their limitations and rules!

Most Facebook groups for bloggers will let you post at any time in a day, while some will specify days for promotion and a few do not allowing posting and promotions at all (doesn’t make them totally useless, you can still learn by being a part of them.

If you are active enough, you might get people visiting your profile and clicking your blog link(s) if you made it available in your Facebook about page.