I Hate Captchas, We All Hate Google Recaptcha

Google recaptcha
A good number of internet users if not all have come across and solved a captcha. Captchas are antibot checkers employed by websites to impede scam and spam. but these captchas are somewhat annoying and the latest and now most popular member of the captcha family, Google recaptcha, keeps popping up here and there in an absolutely unbearable and annoying manner.
I hate captchas
Solving captchas over the years have become somewhat harder and uncalled-for, especially with the spread and popularity of Google recaptcha. Solving captchas used to be fun and easier when users had to type in words and numbers as seen correctly but now reverse is the case as most websites have began using google recaptcha and recently, in order to have access to some websites, you need to prove that you are human! obnoxious I must say! To avoid getting stressed over selecting all roads, cars or signs, you could simply use Google Chrome browser.
google advance recaptcha
It’s sickening that out of 10 sites you visit in a day, at least 7 request that you prove you are human before getting access to some features on their sites. Although this may come in as a method of preventing spam and bots, but trust me websites that use recaptcha stand a chance of losing their visitors and customers. Captchas are not just bad for website visitors but also bad for websites owners because the push people away.
 There should be a limit to the usage of recaptchas and it will be a great relieve if developers can come up with a better method of preventing bots rather than making the experience of Internet user extremely bad, especially when he has to struggle with the same thing for a long period. Let’s not forget the fact that most internet users make use of mobile browsers. Also, some have to deal with bad and slow internet services. 
Personally, I hate captchas and feel they are sometimes uncalled-for especially when imposed on people. I recently had to switch to intensedebate comment system because somehow blogger has imposed recaptcha on users trying to comment anonymously (despite being disabled in my admin panel). Right now, you must solve a captcha if you intend leaving comments on new blog posts in blogger. I only do hope that this new system is a bug and I look forward to it being solved!
A better method of checking spam comments is by moderating your comments and making sure they all get verified by you before being published on your blog.


  1. wayne

    I hate recaptcha so much that I just avoid sites using the nonsense. Often I can’t solve it anyway, waste a bunch of time, and just leave in a foul mood now hating the website and their business

    • So sorry about this… I know that feeling. The sad truth is websites using captcha are growing tremendously due to the increase of bots and spam.

  2. Ugh they drive me nuts! Specially because I always get them wrong!

  3. nicoleflintkontrol

    Captchas can be so annoying!!! Why do I need to prove im a human??! Last time I checked animals don't use computers 😂

  4. chewoutloud

    I'm not into them either and yes, moderating is a better way.

  5. elenasts

    It is so annoying to prove that you are human on the Internet, but then again it is a way to protect from bots and spammers.

  6. Elizabeth O

    It is true that people are pushed away because of those annoying captchas in websites. Hopefully the problem with bots will be solve without annoying thing like this.

  7. Kelly

    Captcha is super annoying but I'm glad that we have them to protect us from spam!

  8. jin

    I agree, captchas are annoying but necessary to weed out spam bots. I also agree that there needs to be a better system in catching and preventing these bots! They truly ruin the blog community experience!

  9. keisha1989

    I agree, captchas are so annoying! I wish we could just do away with it.

  10. fearlessdining

    OMG, I can barely tell what text is even in the captcha and I am a live human :-0

  11. I hear you! And if I am being honest all the steps involved in commenting just makes it to tedious.

    ❥ tanvii.com

  12. Chei

    I agree, Captchas are so annoying! You have to prove and go back from the start after it. I hate it too.

  13. Evolve2Me

    Yes…they are SO annoying…especially the ones you can barely see and so you have to go through the process of typing in a new one several times!

  14. Manoj

    Yes, you're right. CAPTCHA is a terrible part of commenting, crawling and others. Every time we have to prove that, we are not robots. Some CAPTCHAS are difficult to read too.

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