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7 Female Bloggers Making it Big With Blogging

December 13, 2018Onome

Female bloggers

Do you think blogging, for women is unrealistic?
You are probably one of those who feel that a better part of the internet has been taken over by male bloggers. I’d like to debunk that thought right here and now.

Blogging has become so popular that I believe anyone, so long he/she uses the internet should know that it is not meant for men alone. In fact there are tons of female bloggers making it big. These female bloggers can inspire and help you kick start your journey be it in blogging or in other works of life.

Blogging For Women; 10 Female Bloggers To Follow and Get Inspired

As a lady, you might feel blogging is a little difficult and unfriendly and not something you can do easily. But then, while you worry over the fact that blogging is not be for you, I would like to present to you 7 amazing female bloggers who make money online, have broken borders and shown that blogging is achievable for women.

There are Lots of female Bloggers who make it big with blogging, but for the purpose of this post, I have singled out my favorites, those who inspire me.

In the spirit of encouraging you, I have compiled a list of female bloggers who inspire me, then a few others whom I think can also be a source of inspiration to you:

1. Kotryna


Kotryna is my favourite “favorite.” I first visited her blog, Kotrynabass in 2016, and since then I have been glued. I currently have her bookmarked on my mobile browser. That’s to show how much I love her blog.

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Kotryna is a 26-year-old blogger and entrepreneur. She owns kotrynabass.com, where she shares mainly tips for new bloggers, entrepreneurs and online business startups.

At 26, Kotryna has achieved a lot for herself. She currently owns an online shop, “kotrynabassdesign where she sells pre-made blogger and WordPress themes.

IG: Kotrynabass

2. Abby Lawson

Abby Lawson

If you haven’t heard of or bumped into Abby’s blog, Just A Girl And Her Blog, then I wonder what you often search for online (kidding).

According to Abby, she started off her blog in 2013 as a total newb. Oh well, I guess starting out early did help her a lot as she currently makes quiet a lot from her blog where she mostly teach people how to organize their homes.

Abby’s blog is super educative and helpful especially for youngsters looking to touch up their homes with some modern designs and decos.

IG Justagirl_abby

3. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner


Michelle is currently everywhere. She has definitely carved her name on the hearts of many. There is a 99% chance that you’ll probably see her on most lists of female bloggers to follow whenever blogging for women is the topic of discourse. She’s currently one of the many female bloggers breaking the internet and a great source of inspiration to me.

Michelle runs a personal finance lifestyle blog, Making Sense Of Cents. Her blog was initially created to her help improve on her financial well-being. Now the blog is worth more than just a personal finance blog! Occasionally she shares her monthly income reports which for sure is one way to get yourself encouraged.

If you need some some inspiration or free courses to start off with online, Michelle has a quiet a good number of them.

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IG: Michelleschro

4. Oluwayemisi


Oluwayemisi, popularly known as Sisiyemmie, owns and manages SisiYemmie, a Nigerian blog largely focused on food and lifestyle. If you ever want to learn some African dishes, Sisiyemmie is a great place to kick start that journey. There are plenty of recipes for delicious Nigerian dishes to grab from her blog.

Oluwayemisi is just one of few Female bloggers in Nigeria who has taken effort to offer value to her readers and the country at large. Yemisi doesn’t only own a blog but a YouTube channel where she drop amazing videos.

IG: Sisi_yemmie

5. Dana Fox

Dana Fox

Dana is an artist, entrepreneur and blogger. I stumbled on one of her blogs, “I can build a blog” in 2015 when I started looking out for possible ways to improve on my blog and make it more than just a hobby. I did bump into her on search engines occasionally then picked interest because she seemed to have almost every solution I needed.

In a bit of a short time, I discovered that Dana had more than just a tutorial blog which helped me a lot. I stumbled on The wonder forest and oh, it’s an amazing blog to visit. She has quite a number Co talented bloggers whom I believe manage the blog with her.

Dana is not just a female blogger but an entrepreneur and business owner too. As she has two online shops that I know of, Envye “blogger and wordpress theme store and “Wonderforest” where she sells quite a handful of handmade creative designs.

Dana has been such an inspiration to me and I do hope to grow just as much as she has, and even better.

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IG Wonderforest



Elsie created “A Beautiful Mess” in 2007 and had her sister Emma Chapman partner with her in 2010. Over the years the blog has grown so big that that they had to employ a few helping hands. A beautiful mess is definitely worth a lot!

The blog is about almost everything you can think of as a lady. I once bumped into a natural hair post. Yes, the blog is multi-niched and definitely worth getting glued to.
You’d learn a lot if you become an avid reader of Elsie’s blog.

IG Abeautifulmess

7. Cassandra Ikegbune


Cassandra, 24 is the second Nigerian female blogger on my list, and she absolutely deserves it. Cassandra runs a lifestyle blog, Cassiedaves. I first took note of her blog in 2017 and was blown off my feet.

First, due to her domain name and secondly due to her yearly Blog planner she offers for sale on her blog. Cassie Runs a fashion and lifestyle blog, this is showcased in her header logo. She recently started off her Tees line and I’m pretty sure you’d love her zeal.

She does inspire me, and if you are Nigerian who need some form of inspiration from an indigenous blogger, I’d scream Cassandra over and over again.

IG Cassiedaves

So So So…

I’m pretty sure these beautiful female bloggers will inspire and encourage you to just keep going if you choose to follow. They’ve carved out something great for themselves, but it all started from somewhere, a little if not nothing.

Favourite female bloggers

Do you have any favourite female blogger who inspire you?
Please do share her name with us.

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