Genuine ways to make money Online in Nigeria

Genuine ways to make money Online in Nigeria

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Make Money Online In Nigeria

I know how much we look for ways to make money online in Nigeria, but welcome to a country where everything seem so hard and not so easy due to tremendous limitations; on another note, there are actually many ways to make money Online in Nigeria.

Making money online may be an easy nut to crack in some countries, but due to the many restrictions, it has become some really hard nut to crack indigenously. It’s obvious that Nigerians have been blacklisted from accessing couple of websites which enable people to earn a living online. Nigerians, despite being one of the largest internet users in the world, still find it hard to earn money online!

It’s so difficult and sometimes that I want to scream!

But what’s the use?

It makes no difference. Every day, gullible Nigerians fall victim of wicked self-proclaimed entrepreneurs selling worthless and recycled eBooks in the name of teaching them the easiest way of making money in nigeria. Please stop buying such meaningless books, you end up wasting the little you have!

It’s only fair that most giant companies close their doors to Nigerians. It is definitely not that they do not want Nigerians to make money online, but they just want to protect their name! But it is actually neck breaking for good people trying to earn legitimate money online without intents of scamming individuals!

Due to the road block, many scam and dubious websites have erupted and taken away a good number of persons’ hard-earned money. Not only that, the Get rich quick mentally had sunken deep into the heart of many!
I’d be glad if Nigerians learn to avoid MLM, pyramid and Ponzi schemes, you only rob peter to pay Paul or feed the site creator.

How to make Money Online in Nigeria

Despite the limitations and all, there is always a way out. Below is an answer to people looking for ways on how to make money online in nigeria.

1. Make Money Online in Nigeria Blogging

Of course, this is one amazing way to make money online in Nigeria. Blogging is the best start when it comes to making money online as a Nigerian. You don’t have to go through the hassle of hiding your ass, blocking your location, or all sort of trash; there will be absolutely no need to lie about your location. Your blog can become a host to other means of earning a living online! All you need is patience, consistency and a steady development of your blog.

1a. Things to blog about if you plan on targeting Nigerians
– Technology
We are in the 21st century where technology seen to be at its peak with lots and lots of company competing with each other. Nigerians love gadgets and a phone review website with make just a good amount of money with affiliate marketing when hard work is employed! All you need is research!

– Sports
Everyday men and boys search and read sports news, especially football… Blogging about sports is really lucrative and there are just numerous ways to make money online one of which is promoting sports betting sites as an affiliate.

– Fashion
Though not obvious, Nigerians love fashion and are willing to spend money to look good. You can really make money online in Nigeria if you target ladies especially. How about giving fashion advises with links to recommended products? A good Fashion sub niche is blogging about natural/Virgin hair. Yes! Most Nigerian Ladies are going back to their roots, and I am not an exception; I read fashion blogs a lot.

– Education
This is probably one of the best niches to blog on because every day is a good day to talk about education in Nigeria. There are many people looking to gain admission, get scholarships and study abroad. You can make good money selling genuine pasts questions. You can also refer someone willing to study abroad! Education is broad, you can decide to narrow your niche or talk about the field as a whole.

– Entertainment
As broad as it is, everyone has a chance to stay relevant with an Entertainment blog… One of the easiest ways to rank an entertainment blog in Nigeria is by advertising. A few spendings can go a long way in boosting your blog’s traffic and expose you to entertainment lovers.

There are lot of sub-niches in entertainment blogging and narrowing your niche will be a great idea. You can decide to blog specifically about music (Nigerians love music), movies, entertainers and many others.

1b. How Does Blogging Make You Money
– Applying as a publisher on adnetworks
One of the most popular ways to monetize your blog is by being a publisher for adnetworks. There are various adnetworks and the most popular ones include; AdSense,, chitika, adversal and a host of many others.

– Selling an ad Space
To make money this way, you need to build your blog steadily until advertisers come requesting to promote ads. What do advertisers want? Traffic! If you can patiently build your blog to get relevant traffic, you will start receiving offers from companies willing to run ads on your website. You can also find advertisers and flaunt your blog’s traffic and engagement to them, they could advertise with you.

– Promoting Products and Services
As a blogger, You can be an affiliate marketer, promoting offers to people through your blog posts. You can also be a micro niche blogger that blogs about a particular niche and place affiliate links in it to get commission for every purchase made through your link.

– Sponsored posts
This works best with entertainment blogs, specifically music blogs. You and I know that there are just so many upcoming artists who would want their voice to spread across to people… Such artists are willing to pay you to promote their songs, write good things about them that can sell!

1c. Draw backs in blogging

  • Every one seem to be dancing in the saturated entertainment, news and gossip niche because Linda Ikeji makes millions from her gossip blog.
  • Plagiarism; you get to read exactly the same post in about 10 other blogs! You can always try to rephrase or react instead! Well, there are hundreds of good niches out there that can make you money to an extent AdSense becomes your least consideration.
  • blogging can be difficult if you run in for the money alone. If you think you can start making money from day 1, then my advice to you is; do not blog.
  • Blogging needs time and consistency; you will need to do more of blogging and promotion to start seeing good results from your hard work

Helpful links to start a great blog

2. Make Money Online In Nigeria as an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marking simply means selling other peoples goods for commissions. This marketing system works well when you have a blog or know how to convince people to buy products. Though it’s not compulsory to have a blog, you can at least build a brand and make promotion easier.
Good news is, there are lots of affiliate marketing websites with thousands of products and services scattered in various categories and niches. All you need is the right product to promote to your audience.

2a. Affiliate Marketing websites for bloggers Suitable for Nigerian Audience
There are tons of affiliate marketing websites, below are some that are actually suitable for Nigerian Blog readers.

• Jumia affiliate Program – You can refer people to buy virtually anything on jumia store.
• Konga affiliate Program – Same as Jumia, They sell Varieties of products worth promoting.
• Gearbest Affiliate Program – For gadgets. Though it’s a foreign website, they are trusted and many Nigerians shop with them as they ship to the country.

Some foreign Affiliate websites open to Nigerians

These Foreign Companies Pay You through Payoneer Get A Virtual Bank Account With Payoneer.

2b. Working as an Affiliate Marketer without a Blog
You can promote products by telling friends about it on social media accounts or running paid ads on Facebook, twitter, Google and other widely used search engines.

3. Become a Member Of Social Media Platforms That Pays

The world is changing rapidly and so is social media. Gone are the days when one spends a day wasting his/her time on social media. You can now make money online in Nigeria by being part of the right social media platform.

There are tons of social media platforms that claims to pay members for their activities, but below are the social media platforms that I know pay members for being actively part of them;


I have repeatedly written about this awesome platform and it is one of the easiest way of making money in nigeria on social media. If you are creative, you can write attention catching posts that people will be interested in. When people read what you have posted, they can give you likes that is worth up to $500, no lies! People are making a fortune from their posts on steemit.

Below are links to help you understand steemit better.


I discovered this site earlier this year and I must say that I am glad I did. Sola is similar to steemit and you get paid for posting as well. You do not need to be creative, you can grab the best news or information on the internet and share and share it with the sola community. You should avoid copyrighted information. This platform no longer exists.

4. Make Money Online in Nigeria Taking Surveys

You can actually make money online in Nigeria by taking paid surveys. Surveys are used to collect information about the participants’ habits, views/opinions and examination, or description of products, services he/she have used. You can take online surveys in exchange for cash and gift cards.

Taking surveys are often part time and suitable for students. They may not make you huge amount of money, but they can go a long way in adding extras to your pocket money and allowance.

Below are some online survey panels that are available to Nigerians;
The Panel Station
The survey community is one of the largest paid survey sites and open to various countries, including Nigeria. When you complete a survey, you will be awarded redeemable points. You can get up to 300- 5000 points for every survey you successfully complete. Every week, new surveys emerge and participants are often notified in their mail box of new survey opportunities. You will need a minimum of 3000 points to request withdrawal.

Paid View Point
Surveys on paidviewpoint often last from five to ten minutes. Emails about new surveys will be sent you when available to you. As new members, you can get up to $1 bonus for signing up, and to cash out, you will need to have earned at least $15.

Surveysavvy is one of the oldest survey sites to accept Nigerians. Surveys often come in occasionally in your mail box and you can cash out once you have earned 1usd.

There are various other survey panels likes; triaba, palmresearch, mobrog, afrisight, opinionspace, etc.

Before you start join any survey site, read my post on “the truth about survey sites that pay Nigerians.”

5. Selling your qualifications

Here is one thing to do if you are a creative Nigerian. You can sell your qualifications online by show casing your skills and abilities to interested people who in turn, will hire you. Your talent can turn out to be the easiest way of making money in Nigeria being you.

Sites like freelancer and fiverr are good places to make money with your qualifications.

Well, you can always offer to teach someone your local dialect. You don’t know who is willing to learn what you are extremely good at.

If you have good command in English, you can offer to write for bloggers and website owners who are too busy to construct their own posts.

6. Make Money Online In Nigeria by Selling your Products

This works better if you have digital products, downloadable after payment. You can sell your templates, artworks, books, literature works on your blog, social pages or external digital products sites (Okadabooks is a good place to sell your epub books to Nigerian Audience).

7. Working on ‘Get Paid To’ sites

Get Paid To sites are my least favourite in here because earnings are usually very low. Getting to cash out threshold can be a bit challenging but once you make it look like fun, it definitely will not take too long to acquire your funs to cash out. GPT sites are not great for full time but OK for students.

Some GPT sites to earn extra money online

  1. Winthrillsnetwork; Winthrillsnetwork is a website that pays you for posting links on your social media pages, to earn, your friends and fans needs to click on the links you have posted. You can also invest on winthrillsnetwork to earn better. The site is very genuine and I made a few bucks from it in the past.
  2. Microworkers; this is another website I know of. You get paid for performing menial tasks, but you need patience as payment is a bit low per task done; although their tasks are slightly easy to perform.


Remember this is just a blog posts and as the saying goes, easier said than done! Prosperity is not an overnight job, you need commitment, patience, hard work and above all, discard any “Get Rich Quick Syndrome” you might have been struggling with…

Good luck as you work towards earning legitimately and genuinely… See you at the top.

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