How To Pay For Facebook Ads in Nigeria – Helpful Step by Step Guide (2022)

pay for Facebook Ad in naira

After reading this post, you are likely never to encounter any issue if you want to pay for Facebook ads in Nigeria with the local currency, Naira.

Facebook has always been a good advertising medium for business owners in Nigeria looking to spread the world about their new products to a likely target audience.

In the past, we only had the option to pay for Facebook ads with the United States dollar. This didn’t go well for most individuals. Some incurred debts due to exchange rates, rejected debit cards or monthly international spend limit.

To avoid this situation, most businesses opted in for dollar debit cards or paid advertising agencies to run campaigns on their behalf. But then, everything changed in 2017 for Nigerians.

The ability to pay for Facebook ads in Naira officially began in March 2017, with the help of the third party payment processor PayU.

Using PayU To Pay For Facebook Ads In Nigeria

As at the time of this post, you can only Visa and Master debit Cards to make payment on PayU.

This integration came in as a lifesaver. Now, you don’t have to worry about running ads that you won’t be able to pay for due to declined debit card or a spike in our dwindling exchange rate.

Although Payu is amazing, there is a set back; paying with verve card isn’t available yet but hopefully, in the nearest future they will be accepted.

Before Nigerians could pay for Facebook ads with PayU

In the past, Nigerians who needed Facebook advertising solutions for their businesses only had one option. They could only use the conventional dollar Facebook ad account to run ads.

Despite its usefulness, running ads proved rather difficult for many as there were a series of unplanned expenses due to unmeasured ad spend rates. Some Nigerians ended up being indebted to the social media platform because their cards got rejected.

I created this post to help business owners who want to run ads but need a Facebook Ad account that accepts naira payments.

I hope this tutorial does justice so that you can easily create your own advertising account on Facebook and pay with the Nigerian naira.

If you are still running your Facebook Ad account and paying in dollar, you might want to reconsider and switch over to a Nigerian account. It is better to be charged in Naira, at least you will be able to track your spend rate properly.

Disadvantages of Using A US Dollar Facebook Ad Account

  • Most banks restrict international transactions on the Naira debit cards.
  • The Dollar to Naira rate is quite high and this can incur unnecessary expenses
  • Inability to properly calculate Ad spendings due to the fluctuating dollar to naira rate.
  • Running adverts and discovering you can not pay with your debit card, thus, you find yourself in some crazy debt.

Having highlighted the above drawbacks of using a Dollar Facebook advertising Account, I will go further to guide you on how to create and pay for campaigns in Nigeria.

Before you continue, note that; you must fund your Naira Facebook Ad account before creating and running ads. It is actually better because you will not have to be indebted to Facebook. This is unlike the usual advertising accounts where you could spend above your life savings unknowingly.

How To Create A Facebook Ad Account In Nigeria and Pay in Naira

You can watch the video tutorial above if you rather not stress yourself with the instructions below.

Note; If you have already created an ad account previously: you will need to create a new FB account or use a friend’s account for your brand new naira ad account.

Create And Pay For Facebook Ads in Nigeria In Easy Steps

Pay for facebook ads in Nigeria with naira
  • Log on to and click on the drop-down menu that displays your pages and other information.
  • Locate and click on “Create Ads”. Facebook will automatically create an ad account for you.
  • Navigate to and click the settings icon on your top screen. You will be redirected to your settings page.
  • Once you are in the settings page, click on “payment option”.
  • Now, in your payment options page, ensure you choose to show payment options for Nigeria else you will not find the Naira debit card option.
  • Once you’ve selected Nigeria, (default selection) only choose to pay with Naira debit card.
  • A pop up will appear; input the amount you wish to fund your Facebook ad Account with (minimum amount is N100).
  • Once the desired amount is inputted, review payment and hit make payment. The PayU payment page will open.
  • You are to input the following;
    • 16 digit card number,
    • Your account name and
    • Your card’s expiration year (month/year).
  • If your information is correct, a one time pin (OTP) will be sent to your approved bank number. copy, paste and finish your payment.

Note that some banks require you to register to be able to do some online transactions.

I use GTBank debit card I and have never encountered any problem with funding my ad account using the PayU payment processor.

FAQ: What If my debit card has been blocked by Facebook; for some reasons?

ANSWER: PayU is a third party payment processor, thus you can use your blocked card to fund your account.

FAQ: Why can’t I pay with my verve card?

ANSWER: Although Verve cards are not currently accepted, we do hope that PayU gives verve users the privilege to begin paying with their debit cards.

Other Methods to Fund Your Facebook Ad Account

Earlier in this post, we mentioned the issues of paying for ads in dollars.

While I do recommend you switch to a naira powered and account, you might not want to create a new Facebook account.

Below are some other alternatives for people who want to pay in dollars.

Pay with Dollar Cards

Following the low spending limits imposed on Nigerian debit cards, people looking to purchase items in dollars opt in for dollar debit cards.

You can get a dollar card from your bank or get a virtual card from companies like Flutterwave – barter.

If you decide to use a dollar debit card to pay for your Facebook ads,you will not need to create a naira ad account.

Try the barter virtual dollar card by flutterwave or find more virtual card options.


The best way to pay for Facebook ads in Nigeria is via naira using PayU. I suggest you use a naira ad account as it makes it a lot easier to fund your ad wallet.

You don’t have to worry about spending limits on your card or exchanges rates to fund your dollar cards.

If you rather pay in dollars, understand that you must use a dollar card if you want to fund your ad wallet with a substantial amount of money.

Some Nigerian Naira debit cards enable you spend a little over $20 monthly, while many others do not support international transactions.

Also, note that exchange rate to fund dollar cards are on the high side.

Have fun running your ad.


  • hello onome, All of a sudden I can’t pay… The error “we could not charge your ad account” keeps displaying when ever I try to pay. Does multiple failed payment block the card or what?? I equally tried a new card and I got a success message but I was not debited and I have not yet been able to run ads. I do not know why is that? I have also checked my facebook page and checked on account quality in ads manager to know if my account was disabled or my ads were shutdown but I had zero issues so I do not know what’s happening. Please I would really appreciate your feedback asap… Thank you

    • Hello Alex, have you tried contacting the Facebook ads team? If you account is in good standing, you should be able to fund your wallet and run ads.

  • Hello Nomzy,after imputing my card details and the intended amount was debited,I hope I won’t be deducted again in subsequent time without my notice

  • Good day Onome,
    Please i have a running ad account and I’d like to use a friend’s page to create my PayU account
    But my question is..after i do that, if i want to create an ad for a post, do i have to post it on my friend’s account before i can sponsor the post or i can post on my page and pay using the PayU account i created on my friend’s page?

  • Pls ma’am am having issues funding my account with payu. After filling in all the bank details required. After all it doesn’t show platform to fill in my OTP code.

    • Hello Adebayo, sorry about the ban. PayU only enables you top up your Facebook AD account. So, you can not get your money back from them because it’s in your banned FB AD account

  • Pls, I need to pay a debt for my instagram promotion that was stopped because the money couldn’t be deducted from my account, I’m having issues paying and I don’t know how to go about it.

  • Thanks for the tutor
    Please put me through on how to create a good ad account on facebook, I am finding it very difficult to fund my account and I don’t know where the problem is coming from

  • A million thanks for this helpful post. It has gone a long way to answer a lot of questions I had prior to this time. Please keep up the good work. ????????????????????????

  • Hello Onome. Thanks for this this step by step instructions. I have done everything as you explained and my account debited by pay4u through a friend’s Facebook page since I have an add running and couldn’t do so on my page, but I am yet to be charged for an unsettled amount outstanding on my page. Please what else do I need to do as I need to run more ads.

    • Could you rephrase? If you have an outstanding debt you can’t pay, the only option is to get a new card Facebook accepts. You cannot clear old debt with PayU, to my best knowledge.

  • I am having a serious issue on how to switch from credit card to Naira card for payment for ads on facebook.
    How do I go about it please. I need urgent response please.

  • Hello Onome, thanks for the great article. I have noticed that the payU option is no more for Facebook ads payment, and my card has been declined a lot of times. What do I do please. I need reply asap as I really wanna run ads immediately. Thanks dear.

    • Temple, before replying to your comment, I funded my Facebook ad through Payu. Were you able to use Payu in the past? If your account is the old advertising account, I suggest you open a new Facebook or use an alternate account and create a new ad account.

  • Thank you Onome for this one. I have been able to set up an ad account and pay as well. I needed to open a new facebook account. This information was very helpful to me.

    • Yes, your post was detailed enough.
      Thank you so much.
      But I can’t even open a new facebook account because as soon as I do, it gets disabled.
      I had no started running ads when these FB accounts were getting disabled.

      So when I was ready to run ads, I did it on the Instagram app, it ran the first day but the ad got stopped.

      Every attempt of mine to pay what is due on my Instagram app has not been successful.
      I even got a new debit card to no avail.

      Kindly note that I have never run facebook ads.
      I ran the ad from Instagram without linking a Facebook account.

      I can’t open a FB account as it gets disabled soon enough.

      I can’t seem to find your contact page

      • Usually, Instagram prompts you to connect a facebook account to your account before you run an AD, I’m surprised you weren’t asked to do so. kindly send a message so we can try to fix that.

        About opening a facebook account, try this; use a friend’s phone or laptop or use a vpn. Do not create an ad account immediately, try to be as natural as possible with the account and use your correct details – your name should kindly correlate with your card details if you aren’t going to use PAYU

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