60 Inspiring Journal Prompts for Self-love

This post contains 60 self-love journal prompts for adults who want to rediscover and cherish themselves.

Whether you are looking to boost your happiness and self-confidence, or simply want to improve your self-awareness, these journal prompts for self-love are sure to help.

Journal Prompts for self-love
Self-love journaling prompts

What is Self-Love?

Self-love is a fundamental component of happiness. It refers to the positive feeling that we have towards ourselves, which allows us to enjoy life to the fullest.

Why is Self-Love Important?

  1. Self-love is the foundation of self-confidence and acceptance. Without self-love, we cannot accept ourselves for who we are. If we love ourselves, we wouldn’t try to change ourselves, set unrealistic standards for ourselves, or seek external validation.
  2. Self-love stops us from being a people pleaser by allowing us to be our true selves, with our flaws and all.
  3. You will know when to set boundaries and stand up for yourself.
  4. When you love yourself, you will feel more comfortable in your own skin and appreciate the unique qualities that make you special.
  5. If you love yourself, it will be easier for you to treat other people with respect and kindness.
  6. self-love can act as a buffer against the negativity we experience in life, helping us to cope with difficult situations and stay positive even when things are tough.
  7. When we love and respect ourselves, we are more likely to attract people who want to love and be loved.
  8. When you love yourself, you treat yourself with respect and .

These reasons show just how vital self-love is – not just for our individual happiness, but for our overall wellbeing too.

How can you develop more Self-Love?

There are several ways that you can deepen your self-love. Some of these include repeating affirmations, practicing mindfulness, engaging in self-compassion, and journaling.

A collection of positive affirmations to inspire self-love

 Journaling about self-love

When you journal about self-love, you’re really writing to learn more about yourself, to reflect on your thoughts and actions. In doing so, you go through periods of acceptance, forgiveness, and growth in confidence and worthiness.

If you are new to journaling, you may find yourself at loss for what to write about. That’s okay, everybody gets that block, and it’s nothing to beat yourself up for. That is why self-love journal prompts exist.

In the next section, you will find a collection of journal prompts for self-love that can get you started on this personal journey.

If you find you are struggling to keep up with the self-love journaling prompts, or if there is a prompt that resonates more with you than others, feel free to add it to your journal or use it as an inspiration for a future entry.

Journal prompts for self-love.

  1. What are you grateful for?
  2. What are your favorite hobbies?
  3. How do you manage your anger?
  4. What are some things you would like to learn?
  5. What would you want people to remember you for?
  6. Write some beautiful compliments to yourself.
  7. Why do you think self-love is important?
  8. What do you love the most about yourself?
  9. What do you appreciate about yourself the most?
  10. Write about the things you are great at.
  11. What are some of your strengths and weaknesses?
  12. What are some things you would like to experience?
  13. What do you do to ease yourself of negative emotions?
  14. What are some things you’re looking forward to?

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  1. What bad habits and mindsets do you need to quit?
  2. What great things you’re proud of about yourself?
  3. When do you feel most loving towards yourself?
  4. What are some things you love about your life?
  5. Write about your best personal achievement.
  6. Write about a professional achievement that you’re proud of.
  7. Depending on your mood, how do you feel at the moment?
  8. What are some positive things you’ve accomplished?
  9. How does every part of your body feel at the moment?
  10. What are some self-love affirmations you can use daily?
  11. What are some positive things you can say to yourself?
  12. What is your most favorite memory regardless of the circumstances?
  13. Write about a time when someone showed genuine care and love for you.
  14. Write about a time when you showed unconditional love towards someone else.
  15. Acknowledge yourself – your efforts, progress, and successes.
  16. What are some things you can do to nurture your creativity?

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  1. What can you do to be more mindful of your thoughts and actions?
  2. What are some things you can do to reduce stress and anxiety in your life?
  3. What are some ways that you show love and kindness to yourself and others?
  4. What are the things you think you need to do to truly love yourself?
  5. How can you be more accepting of your imperfections and flaws?
  6. What are some things you can do to celebrate your achievements?
  7. What are some things you need to let go of in order to move forward?
  8. What are some things you can do daily to show yourself more love?
  9.  In three words, how would you describe yourself as a person or a friend?
  10. What do you think is the most important thing to remember about yourself?
  11. What do you love about your body? What are some of its unique qualities?
  12. What do you think are some ways in which self-love can improve your life?
  13. What are your positive qualities? How do they make you a better person?
  14. Are there any negative thoughts about yourself that you need to let go of?
  15. What is your ideal life? Write it all down so that you can start planning for it.
  16. What are some things you can do to forgive yourself and release self-judgment?
  17. What are some other ideas or actions you can take to show yourself more self-love?
  18. What are some things you can do to make time for yourself and your own happiness?
  19. What can you do to set boundaries with people or situations that aren’t right for you?
  20. What are some challenges you face in loving yourself, and how can you overcome them?
  21. What are some things you can do to make your environment more supportive of self-love?
  22. What would you change about yourself if you could, and why would it make a difference?
  23. What do you think are some ways in which self-love can benefit the people in your circle?
  24. How can you show appreciation for the good things in your life, even when you’re feeling down?
  25. What are some things you can do to make yourself feel good on days when you’re feeling down?
  26. What are some things you can do to care for your mental, emotional health and physical wellbeing?
  27. Reflect on your past and write about the positive changes you have experienced over the years.
  28. Do you have any anger or resentment towards yourself that you need to forgive? What can you do to let go?
  29. What are some things that makes you happy and fulfilled? Make a list of all of them.
  30. Take some time to reflect on your accomplishments – both big and small. This can help you feel proud of yourself and boost your confidence.
Self-love journal prompts for adults

How can journaling help with self-love?

Journaling can help with self-love in a few ways.

It can help you get in touch with your own thoughts and feelings by providing a space for you to explore your inner thoughts and feelings without judgment. This helps you to understand yourself better and can be a first step in learning to love yourself.

Journaling helps you track your progress. You can write your goals, what you have accomplished, and how you are feeling about yourself. When you document your journey with self-love, you get to see your progress and growth – motivating you to love yourself more.

Journaling can help with self-love by providing a space to express your gratitude. Keeping a note of the things you are grateful for about yourself, such as your strengths, accomplishments, or the things you are proud of; helps you see how much of a great person you are. Expressing gratitude can be a key part of learning to love yourself.

Tips for practicing self love

Self-love is equal parts important and difficult. Though we need a healthy amount of self-love to survive and thrive, it’s something that we rarely give ourselves enough of. Practicing self-love can be a challenge, but it’s so worth it. Here are a few tips for how to do just that:

Make time for yourself every day.

This can be something as simple as taking a few minutes to yourself to relax and recharge. Or it can be something more substantial, like taking yourself on a date once a week. Whatever it is, make sure that you’re giving yourself some quality time to focus on you.

Compliment yourself regularly

We often focus on our flaws and negative attributes far more than our positive ones. Make it a habit to give yourself at least one compliment every day. It can be something as small as, “I’m doing a great job today!” or “I look really pretty today!”

Cut yourself some slack

We are all humans, and make mistakes. Remember that you are not perfect and that it’s okay to mess up sometimes. Be gentle with yourself and extend yourself the same grace and understanding that you would to others.

Do something that you love

Include some activities in your life that bring you joy. This can be anything from reading, to hiking, to playing an instrument, to painting.

How Can You Affirm Yourself When You Feel Lonely or Confused?

Many of us experience feelings of loneliness and confusion from time to time. When these feelings arise, it’s difficult to affirm and love ourselves. One way to overcome this challenge is to create a self-love journal. Journaling will allow you to express your thoughts and feelings and provide you with support and encouragement.


If you’re just starting your journey or need more ideas, these self-love journal prompts will give you a good start.

Don’t limit your journaling to the prompts you find in this post; rather, use them as ideas to spark more thoughts and reflections on how to affirm and love yourself.

Congratulations on embarking on this amazing adventure!