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11 work from home challenges and how to overcome them

The 2020 pandemic has profoundly affected how we work. Many companies have shifted to remote work, allowing employees to work from home. While remote work presents many benefits, such as increased flexibility and less time spent commuting, it also introduces new challenges.

work from home challenges
work from home challenges

In this blog post, we will explore some common work from home challenges and provide practical tips to overcome them. Whether you are a seasoned remote worker or new to this work style, it’s essential to understand these challenges and learn how to tackle them effectively.

I have envisaged a pretty morning on my nightwear, sitting in bed, sipping a cup of tea and working on my laptop. If this is you too, you’re definitely hoping to work from home without the bosses bossing you around.

Easy life, right?

Like, wouldn’t you want that?

Sometimes, I wish working from home was as easy as the internet paints it. The proliferation of individuals preaching the benefits of making money from the comfort of your home has made a lot of us hold on to false hopes and planned unrealistic trips.

First, 99% of the pictures you see online are for the gram or blog and probably just a promotion. I bet you know the popular bed pose, “sitting in bed with a laptop” The concept behind that shot is actually breathtaking. In reality, is it practicable?

Sitting in bed with your laptop is not fun unless you are doing so for the camera. Do you know how bad the back hurts when you take an awful sitting position while you work? Oh well, now you know.

I have worked online part-time, now the thought of going full time seems like a crypto bear run; depressing!

But, hey! We still want to work from home. We only want to know the truth, a bit of the challenges waiting ahead.

The remote dream; work from home challenges you should know

One of the biggest challenges of working from home is maintaining a healthy work-life balance. With no physical distance between your personal and professional life, it’s challenging to unplug and disconnect from work.

Remote work can also bring a sense of isolation, which can have a profound impact on our mental health. Besides these concerns, we’ll also look at the challenges of dealing with distractions, staying productive, and staying connected with colleagues.

11 work from home challenges and how to overcome them 1

Finding a dedicated workspace in your home isn’t easy

One challenge of working remotely is not having a dedicated workspace in your home. When you work from home, it’s important to create a separate area dedicated solely to work-related activities.

Having a designated workspace can help you reduce distractions and increase productivity. This can be a spare room or a nook in your living room, but you should designate it as your workspace only.

Having a work-only area signals to your brain that it’s time to focus and helps you shift into work mode more quickly. When you create your workspace, make sure it’s comfortable and functional with proper lighting, a comfortable chair, and any necessary office supplies are within reach.

With a dedicated workspace, you can tackle any work from home problems with ease and efficiency.

Procrastination is real

No one can ever say they haven’t struggled with procrastination. The attitude of ditching more important tasks for fun is a challenge of productivity.

As someone who wants to earn money from home, you must learn to beat procrastination to its bare minimum.

There is something about being your own boss. You’ll keep postponing and rushing jobs unless you train yourself to place important tasks before pleasure.

It’s easy to get distracted

One of the biggest work from home challenges is avoiding distractions from family members, pets, or household chores.

It’s extremely easy to lose focus and deviate to something else. You will call it a break, but it could go longer than just a break. Aside from self-induced breaks, social media has grown crazier with distracting notifications.

You’d always get a notification you can not ignore and boom! It turns out you’ve been on Instagram for over 1 hour without blinking.

Your family members may also assume that you are available for chats, errands, or even your pets may demand your attention, which can be a significant distraction from work.

Naturally, if you had a boss, his presence will draw you back to your job but, you are your own boss! We’ll need to work on our discipline, we really do.

To avoid this work from home challenge, set clear boundaries with your family and communicate with them about your work schedule, and find ways to minimize these distractions.

You can take breaks to spend time with them, but it’s important to ensure productivity by sticking to a strict schedule that can accommodate both work commitments and home responsibilities.

Designating a home office space that is quieter and has the least traffic can help eliminate or reduce distractions, enabling you to stay focused on your work goals.

Self-induced starvation; mostly for no reason

plate of food
Take breaks and eat

If you worked for someone, there’s a chance you’ll blame them for not letting you take a lunch break. Most individuals who work online subject themselves to hunger.

You can easily get carried away while working from home, especially when jobs require urgent attention. It’s never okay to stay hungry. The consequences aren’t pleasant. Moshome,t people follow schedules, thus creating one for yourself might help you stay healthy.

Staying motivated and productive without the structure of an office environment

One of the biggest challenges of working remotely is the lack of structure and routine that typically comes with an office environment. Without a physical workspace and set work hours, it’s easy to become disorganized and lose motivation.

However, there are several strategies you can use to stay productive and motivated while working from home. One important step is to establish a routine that works for you, setting aside a specific time each day for work, breaks, and personal time.

It is also helpful to create a designated workspace that serves as a dedicated area for work, minimizing distractions and keeping work and home life separate.

Other strategies include setting clear goals and deadlines, staying connected with colleagues and peers through regular communication, and scheduling regular breaks to recharge and prevent burnout.

By incorporating these strategies, it is possible to overcome the challenges of remote working and achieve success from the comfort of your own home.

Dealing with technical difficulties and connectivity issues

In the current global scenario, more and more people are opting for remote working or working from home. However, along with its benefits, work from home problems has its own set of challenges, especially related to connectivity and technical difficulties.

You may face challenges of remote working like weak internet connection, software or hardware issues, and glitches in video conferencing tools.

It is important to deal with these challenges of working remotely promptly and efficiently to avoid a negative impact on your work productivity.

Make sure you have a stable internet connection and use updated software for seamless communication. In case you are experiencing any hardware issues, try to resolve them by following the troubleshooting measures or seek technical help from the concerned department.

Take initiative to tackle any obstacles that come up while working remotely to make sure you have a successful experience.

Setting a schedule and boundaries to separate work from personal time

One of the biggest challenges of working remotely is the blurring of boundaries between work and personal time. When working from home, it can be tempting to check work emails or finish a project during personal time or vice versa.

This can lead to burnout and decreased productivity in the long run. One effective solution is setting a schedule and boundaries for yourself to separate work from personal time.

This can include creating a designated workspace and sticking to specific work hours, scheduling breaks and sticking to them, and avoiding work-related tasks during off-hours.

By creating these distinctions, you can improve your work-life balance and reduce the negative effects of one of the many work from home challenges on your overall well-being.

Your social life will be a wreck

Coping with feelings of isolation and loneliness is one of the major work from home challenges.

While many people appreciate the flexible schedules and the chance to work from the comfort of their homes, others struggle with social isolation or disconnection from their colleagues.

Ladies talking
Connect With People Outside the Internet

Working from home can make you remove the possibilities of meeting up with friends, family and even new people for some fun time. You may also miss out on daily interactions with colleagues and opportunities for impromptu conversations.

if you are a freelancer, you don’t need to meet clients because you’ll be doing everything remotely. With time, you may notice you met half your friends online. You only know them by whatever name they choose to bear on social media.

The best times you get to spend with family and friends, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, become more comfortable with work rather than some time off.

You can try scheduling virtual coffee breaks with colleagues, joining online communities or groups related to your interests, or taking part in virtual team-building activities to combat feelings of isolation and loneliness. Making an effort to stay connected with others can go a long way in helping you feel more engaged while working remotely.

Developing healthy habits and avoiding the temptation to overwork

One of the biggest challenges of working remotely is developing healthy habits and avoiding the temptation to overwork. When working from home, it’s easy to get caught up in tasks and ignore the limits of a routine workday.

This can lead to poor sleep habits, unhealthy eating choices, and diminished personal time. It is crucial to establish a set schedule for work-hours and breaks, and stick to it in order to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life.

It’s equally important to make time for physical exercise and outdoor activities to maintain physical health while allowing the mind to recharge. Prioritizing your health and well-being will help you be more focused and productive during work hours while avoiding burnout in the long run.

Balancing work responsibilities with home responsibilities

One of the significant work from home challenges that employees face is balancing work responsibilities with home responsibilities. This can be especially challenging for those who are not used to working remotely.

In a traditional work setting, the boundaries between work and home life are usually well-defined, but when working from home, it’s easy to let those boundaries blur.

Whether you’re responsible for taking care of young children or elderly parents, managing household chores or homeschooling, it’s crucial to establish a routine that works for both your work and home responsibilities.

One effective strategy that many remote workers adopt is to create a schedule that considers all necessary tasks and prioritize them accordingly.

It’s also important to communicate with your supervisor or team members and let them know about your situation so that they can understand your availability and plan accordingly.

With careful planning and communication, it’s possible to balance your professional and personal responsibilities effectively while working from home.

Maintaining communication and collaboration with coworkers and managers

One of the most significant work from home challenges is maintaining communication and collaboration with coworkers and managers. Since remote working eliminates the opportunity for spontaneous face-to-face conversations, it can lead to inefficiencies in communication and collaboration.

Effective communication is vital to ensure that productivity and workflow remain consistent, and all parties agree. Therefore, it is crucial to establish methods of communication and collaboration with your coworkers and managers.

This can include video conferencing tools, instant messaging platforms, and project management software. Regular check-ins and status updates can ensure that everyone receives updates about the progress of ongoing projects.

By staying in touch, remote workers can overcome the challenges of working remotely, minimize work from home problems and issues, and ensure that they remain productive and successful while working from home.


The work-from-home model has brought about its own set of challenges, ranging from distractions and lack of boundaries to isolation and mental health concerns. But these challenges are not insurmountable.

By establishing a daily routine, creating a work environment that inspires productivity, maintaining communication with colleagues and loved ones, taking breaks and prioritizing self-care, we can successfully navigate the work-from-home landscape.

Employers can also help by providing the tools and resources for staff to work effectively from home. Embracing flexibility and adapting to change can help us overcome the challenges of working from home and emerge stronger in the face of adversity.


  • I could see this happening to some people. It is not true for all. If your work ethic is already in place, many are much more useful in a home office. I’ve been working from home for years. I am In sales for a huge global company. I get Up every day, shower, dressed , coffee and to my office. You could not procrastinate in many jobs. Just saying

  • I can relate with this. Meeting deadlines and overcoming distractions and procrastination can be tasking. The trickiest part is staying in your comfort zone especially if you’re an introvert. The truth is that I’ll choose this lifestyle over and over again despite its challenges.

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