13 Helpful Tips To Stay Motivated As A Small Business Owner

Small businesses face unique challenges, from the mundane to the monumental. However, one thing that all businesses have in common is a need for motivation.

Stay Motivated As A Small Business Owner

Whether you are a rookie business owner just starting out, or a seasoned pro who’s looking for a new challenge, this post will help you stay motivated and on track.

How To Stay Motivated As A Small Business Owner

Recognize that you are not alone

Many first-time business owners feel overwhelmed, and this can be particularly tough when the going gets tough. Remember that there are people out there who have been through the same thing, and they are here to help you. Reach out to them.

Set realistic goals and targets

Another important thing you can do boost motivation for business is set realistic goals and targets. When you know what you want your business to achieve, it becomes much easier to keep on track.

Clarify to yourself what your business is all about and what you want it to become.

Without clear targets, it is easy to become overwhelmed and give up on your dreams. Set attainable goals, but be willing to stretch yourself if necessary!

Be realistic about your capabilities

It’s important not to put too much pressure on yourself when it comes to your small business. Remember that you are not Superman or Wonder Woman -you are human and make mistakes like everyone else!

Be realistic about what your business can realistically achieve in the next period of time, and don’t set unrealistic targets that will only frustrate yourself later on. Stick with achievable goals that will still make a difference in the long run.

Don’t expect your business to be successful overnight or without effort on your part. Remember, it will take time and effort to build a successful small business!

Set the tone

Another key element to staying motivated is setting the right tone for your business. You need to be upbeat and positive, but don’t overdo it. And don’t neglect your professional image; you want people to see you as an authority in your field, not a pushover.

Read stories about other businesses and founders

I have been online for quite a long time and spend a good percentage this time drooling over the successful creations of entrepreneurs and business owners.

While they have created remarkably good businesses worth loving, I never failed to understand that they too encountered issues.

Notable Mention: Fred Smith, founder of FedEx had his project idea rejected by his college professor. He assignment was graded poorly; he presented the idea for FedEx.

Most businesses didn’t start out all rosy. There were troubles and failures too. These troubles didn’t simply make them give up or get sullen in depression.

Notable Mention: Arianna Huffington, has one of the most visited sites today (The Huffington Post). You probably didn’t know that she once wrote a book for publication but it got rejected by 36 publishers.

Notable Mention: Jeff Bezos, a one time richest man in the world and founder of Amazon, one of the biggest online Marketplace. Before Amazon became a million dollars business, the company’s CEO encountered failure too. His creation zShops failed but then it gave birth to the Amazon Marketplace.

Read business books

One to stay motivated as a small business owner is to read business books and learn from their advice.

You can find business books in your local library or on the Amazon marketplace. If you are confused about the best book to motivate and inspire you, get recommendations from other business owners.

15 Must-Read Books for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Understand that failure is not bad luck

As a small business owner, you are inevitably going to experience some failures along the way. What’s important is how you deal with these failures and not let them derail your progress.

Failure is part of the process of learning and growth, and it can be a valuable lesson that helps you improve next time around.

Rather than having your fails discourage you,learn from them and try to apply what you’ve learned in order to overcome future challenges.

Give yourself a break

One of the most important things you can do to stay motivated as a small business owner is to take breaks and rest.

When you are constantly working, it is easy to lose focus and motivation. Taking a few minutes every now and then to relax will help you come back stronger.

Understand that not all businesses reach success at first trial

Not all successful businesses achieved their success goals in the first years. Some failed over and over again before finally picking up. Failing means that someone was willing to shoot for success.

Learn a new approach

Before you get soaked in depression over a failed business, you should first realize that there is more than one approach to a problem.

Find a new approach that works better for you. You may need to change the way that you work to get better results.

Don’t be over ambitious

One of the most common reasons small businesses fail is because owners become too ambitious and try to do too much at once.

When you think of a new business idea that looks promising, don’t be overzealous over success so you don’t get disappointed in the long run. Try as much as possible not to expect too much to avoid disappointment or depression.

Reward yourself

One of the best ways to stay motivated is to give yourself rewards for reaching certain milestones. This can be anything from a gift for yourself or a new gadget for your business office.

It’s important to find something that will make you happy and help you stay focused, so make sure to choose wisely!

Stay connected with family and friends

Last but not least, always keep in touch with family and friends. They’re probably the biggest supporters of your small business, so take time out every now and then to call or email them. It’ll really mean a lot!


If you find yourself feeling bogged down, or you just need a little boost to get you through the day, put these tips into practice to stay motivated and optimistic.

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