How To Boost Your Self-Confidence In 10 Easy Ways

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The easiest way to grow is to first build your self confidence

There’s nothing as amazing as being confident in yourself with a life free of depression. It’s not rocket science that there are a lot of people walking the face of Earth with little or no self-confidence, thanks to the life we were exposed to while growing up. You may have started as an overly confident kid, but you probably lost that priceless quality because of life challenges. There are more than just enough experiences accountable for low self-esteem.

Nobody deserves to grow up fighting his/her inner self, whether he’s worthy of goodwill or not. It’s so easy to conclude that you deserve nothing good because you aren’t worth anything amazing. Constant scepticism towards oneself continues to destroy our already dwindling self-esteem and confidence. There’s always an “I can’t do it” reply.

Man, I know how horrible it is to have no confidence in yourself. It’s one phase of life I’m still fighting through and not ashamed to admit. While there are a lot of articles and blog posts on the internet obviously teaching people with low self-confidence to grow some confidence and drop their self-doubt, I’d say, “you will achieve nothing if you aren’t ready for the fight, the need to build your self-confidence.”

How To Boost Your Self-Confidence From zero To 100

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Okay, maybe the title is slightly extra, but how else do I grab your attention? Of course, we are undoubtedly boosting this self-confidence, except losing out on a lot of opportunities is something you do for fun.

How many opportunities have you lost to your lack of confidence?

A few or an unaccountable number?

Building Your Self Confidence Requires Determination

Sometimes people’s confidence surprises us. We wonder how they hold such authority over situations when we can barely handle the thoughts in our head. It’s heartbreaking, but then it takes strength and desire to overcome the fear we battle quietly.

Before you set out on a path to boosting your self-confidence, you have to assure yourself of your readiness to achieve your goal, “boosting your self-confidence.” Picture yourself in your newfound confidence and be ready for the hurdles ahead. If you need motivation, choose a desirable mantra or affirmation to stay encouraged.

Below are some mantras I drafted out;

  • I’m not giving up on fighting my insecurities
  • I am rising above the fear of failing
  • I am more than I think I am
  • I am growing in confidence every day.

Don’t just say these words, mean them. You can create your own positive and self-motivating mantras to help you achieve your goal. Be ready for the journey to boost your confidence. Understand your shortcomings and change your mindset on how you view things.

How To Boost Your Self-Confidence In 10 Easy Ways 1

Discover The Root

Studies show that the lives we were exposed to go a long way in affecting how we see life and react to things. Some people were fortunate enough to grow up with practices and situations that helped build their confidence, while others weren’t. We are not born with this trait but absorb it from the people we relate with from time. Remember, children learn by imitation.

While our desire to grow in confidence is key to developing this trait, the people we surround ourselves with play a vital role in helping us achieve this goal. Thus, avoid anyone quick to shun you or laugh at your efforts.

Create a Clear Picture of the “NEW YOU”.

You are looking to change for the best and have created a better version of yourself. If you haven’t, now is the time to visualise a clear picture of who you want to be, an upgraded version of you. If you can see a better image of yourself you are proud of, then you are one step to achieving the goal.

 “If you dream it, you can do it.”

Let Your Experience Motivate You

If there is anything to motivate your journey to achieving an amazing self-confidence, it’s everything you have missed out and experienced. It’s painful to watch other people override you or opportunities slip through your fingers because you have no guts to stand for or prove yourself.

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Communicate Eyeball to Eyeball

Doing this still makes me feel uneasy. You’ll agree with me. Okay, I am not saying you should freak people out by simply looking into their eyes continuously. When you talk to people, you should make eye contact in-between conversations. You are not only helping yourself but also building a good relationship. Even if you feel uneasy, continue, you’ll eventually get better.

If It Scares You, Do It.

It’s only normal to feel uncertain about what you are about to embark on, a journey of no return. It’s either you “start” or “just begin.” There is no going back. To wade off of fear, I took it upon myself to do anything reasonable that scares me. This is likely difficult! You’ll shiver, get confused, but do it! It’s a challenge you must complete. In as much as there is more to merely telling you to do anything that scares you, it must be done. It might take time, keep trying, it’s the only thing you can do at this stage.

  • Talk to that stranger
  • Speak to the Camera
  • Go through with that podcast
  • Promote the blog!
  • Run that AD
  • Wear that outfit hiding in your closet
  • Speak to that congregation

Too many easy-peasy yet challenging tasks. Just do it. Take up the challenge and keep trying until you go through with them one at a time.

Be Your Decision Maker

Learn to say no when the need arises.

Learn to speak for yourself.

Make others appreciate and accept your decisions at all times.

Have greater control over your life than ever.

No one deserves to have their decisions influenced. Learn to deal with toxic, selfish and manipulative people. These groups play a great role in destroying people’s confidence and self-esteem. Lastly, do not allow fear to make you get bullied by everyone else.

Don’t Fear Failure

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The fear of failure impedes success. It ignites the “What If” syndrome. If you fear failure, you will likely never do anything meaningful with your life. Overcoming the fear of failure is a great step to boosting your self-confidence. Failure is inevitable, and trying is the only way to know if you’ll fail or succeed at anything.

Question The “What If Syndrome”

There are quite a lot of “what-ifs” questions that can barricade progress.

  • What if I fail?
  • What if I can not do it?
  • What if it doesn’t work out? Etc

Most times, these “what ifs” are never on the positive side. Rather than striving for negativity with fear overclouding your thoughts, rephrase the “what ifs” questions to positive expectations.

  • What if I Succeed?
  • What if I can do it?
  • What if it works out just as planned? Etc

Take the chance, overcome your fears, step out of your comfort and do anything that needs to be done. You can never tell what’s waiting for you until you try.

Appreciate Your Imperfections

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No matter what you do, you can never be perfect. Do your best and appreciate yourself for who you are. Do not overwork yourself in a bid to find perfection. You’ll accomplish nothing but destroy your self-confidence even more. Be confident in your shortcoming and make it your perfection.

Seeing yourself as less important is in not a way of accepting your imperfections. If you have to accept that you aren’t as worthy as everyone else, then you, by all means, need to drop that scandalous belief.

Also, as you grow in self-confidence, do not forget your roots by looking down on the man next door.


Boosting your self-confidence requires effort and commitment. It’s one thing to plan and another to execute. Continue doing every confidence-boosting task you are engaged in until it’s sure that you’ve achieved the said goal. If your intentions are right, do anything that scares you. It’s the only way to overcome your fears and boost your self-confidence. Growing with little or no self-confidence is no joke, but you can school yourself to grow in confidence.


  • Unnecessary and unhealthy comparisons between one’s self and some supposed ‘perfect’ people living that ‘perfect life’ most especially on social media could bring about that feeling of inferiority complex, low self esteem and all of that, that destroys self confidence.
    A friend’s WhatsApp status once read
    “Nobody is better than you! – That’s only half the truth. The other truth?
    You’re better than no one.
    …absorbing this truth puts an end to all kinds of comparisons.”
    In that manner the view of your RIVAL changes from being your friends, neighbors and people around to your PREVIOUS SELF; making you to dwell only on bettering yourself.

    Appreciating one’s (little) achievements is a really good way to boost one’s confidence in confronting more challenging stuff.

    Also, one needs to surround himself with positivity (thoughts, people, actions)…

    …we should help our own selves to build and better this trait (self confidence) by focusing more on rights/goods than wrongs/bads, commending and appreciating one another, and being overall positive to/among others.
    Good post as usual Onome; thumbs up.

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