The Truth No One Tells You About Working From Home

It’s the 21st century! More and more people are learning to work from home, hoping to become “BOSSES of their OWN making”. I basically fit into this group, you may too.

The Truth No One Tells You About Working From Home 1

I have envisaged a pretty morning on my nightwear, sitting in bed, sipping a cup of tea and working on my laptop. If this is you too, you’re definitely hoping to work from home without the bosses bossing you around.

Easy life right?

Like, wouldn’t you want that?

Sometimes, I wish working from home was as easy as the internet paints it. The proliferation of individuals preaching the benefits of making money from the comfort of your home has made a lot of us hold on to false hopes and planned unrealistic trips.

First, 99% of the pictures you see online are either for the gram or blog and probably just a promotion. I bet you know the popular bed pose, “sitting in bed with a laptop” The concept behind that shot is actually breathtaking. In reality, is it practicable?

Sitting in bed with your laptop is not fun unless you are doing so for the camera. Do you know how bad the back hurts when you take an awful sitting position while you work? Oh well, now you know.

I have worked online part-time, now the thought of going full time seems like a crypto bear run; depressing!

But hey! We still want to work from home. We only want to know the truth, a bit of the challenges waiting ahead.

The Work From Home Dream; What You Should Know

If you’ve ever dreamed of working from home, here’s my opinion; It’s not meant to discourage you because I’m still trying to build myself to fit into this beautiful reality. But for our benefit, let’s all come down to the real world.

The Truth No One Tells You About Working From Home 2

Procrastination Is Real

No one can ever say they haven’t struggled with procrastination. the attitude of ditching more important tasks for fun is a challenge of productivity. As someone who wants to earn money from home, you must learn to beat procrastination to its bare minimum.

There is something about being your own boss, you’ll keep postponing and rushing jobs unless you train yourself to place important tasks before pleasure.

Easy To Get Distracted

You know one thing about working from home?
It’s extremely easy to lose focus and deviate to something else. You will call it a break but it could go longer than just a break. Aside self-induced breaks, social media has grown crazier with distracting notifications.

You’d always get a notification you can not ignore and boom! It turns out you’ve been on Instagram for over 1 hour without blinking.

How did Instagram become so addictive?

Naturally, if you had a boss, his presence will draw you back to your job but, you are your own boss! We’ll need to work on our discipline, we really do.

You’ll Do Jobs In A Rush

Thanks to procrastination, you’ll probably find yourself rushing things up, trying to meet the deadline you thought was in a thousand years time. Aside procrastination, once in a while you might handle urgent jobs that’ll prevent you from enjoying some good night rest. Unfinished tasks will come bumping into your dreams, reminding you of deadlines and consequences.

Self-induced Starvation; Mostly for no Reason

Plate of food
Take breaks and eat

If you worked for someone, there’s a chance you’ll blame them for not letting you take a lunch break. Most individuals who work online subject themselves to hunger. You can easily get carried away while working from home especially when jobs require urgent attention. It’s never okay to stay hungry, the consequences aren’t pleasant. Most people follow schedules, thus creating one for yourself might help you stay healthy.

You’ll Get Glued To Your Comfort Zone

Working from home can make anyone too comfortable with their immediate environment. If you’re a shy person, you’ll feel you’d never have a reason to face the crowd. You literally make money by sitting in front of a computer! Sometimes you get tired, but there is no place like your comfort zone.

You are Jobless to your Immediate Family

Unless you start raking in some paychecks, your family will basically see you as jobless. In a world where waking up in the morning and going to work is the order of the day, sitting at home will create a red flag especially if you live in your family house. Everyone will take the reply of I WORK ON MY LAPTOP As some flimsy excuse to stay lazy!

You’ll Lose Friends

Talk about not having time for your friends. You basically enjoy your time alone since it helps you work better. There’s no time to chitchat about anything not contributing to the completion of your job. Although I don’t count people who leave you for reasons as such friends, you still have to work on combining business and creating free times for loved ones.

Ladies talking
Connect With People Outside the Internet

Your Social Life will be a wreck

My social life is zero to none, but I can’t boast of working from home just yet.

How horrible will it be if I have absolutely no reason to step out?

Working from home can make you remove the possibilities of meeting up with friends, family and even new people for some fun time.

You don’t need to go out or meet clients face to face because you’ll be doing everything remotely. With time, you may notice you met half your friends online. You only know them by whatever name they choose to bear on social media. The best times you get to spend with family and friends, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays become more comfortable for work rather than some time off.

You’re Not Totally Without Bosses

If there’s any truth you need to know, then it’s the fact that you are not totally your own boss. Most people who work from home often change bosses without even knowing it. Your clients are more like your bosses. You have to do whatever they want whenever they want. So long you’ve accepted a gig or deal, you become answerable to them. Some clients are mean, so my best bet is, pray you don’t get all shades of bad clients.

In Africa, It’s Called Scam

In an African country like mine, working from home creates a red flag. Law enforcement agencies find it extremely refreshing to call anyone who claims to work from home scam. I cannot blame them. The bad apples did a great job in painting others bad. Following the rise of internet scams, one can only try to be careful and avoid falling into some deep mess. No one will listen to you.

The Work From Home Boss

How I’d like to associate myself with this group of people.

Who wouldn’t want to be his/her own boss?

Even with the challenges accompanying this achievement, I’d rather be my own boss.

Good luck with your dreams.

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