There’s No New You, It’s Just Another Year

There's No New You, It's Just Another Year 1
There’s no “new year, new me” without lies.

I honestly don’t want to go down that tunnel, not now, not ever. You are free to sing it out loud to yourself, just remember, nothing really adds up from such yearly declarations. Stop waiting to answer to why you ditched your “new me” slogan; simply accept that there’s no new you every year. ????

Rather, strive to be better.

Where are my manners?It’s certainly not too late to say my wishes… 

Happy New Year guys!

???? 2020 was one hell of a year. Boy! Like you, I’m happy to be in a new and hopefully, better year. As much as we are all spreading positive vibes and tasking 2021 with burdens of happy expectations, absolutely no one knows what to expect from the year. But, it’s okay to be optimistic, I am.

There Is No “New Year New Me” Without Lies

As much as we’ve grown to reset life at the start of every new year, we should remember that nothing resets but the calendar month. The world didn’t resolve to roses at the start of the year, the pandemic still moves around and oh, our personal battles are also intact.

Bad habits and attitudes do not disappear at year ends. The only actual “new you” that’s certainly true, is “aging”.

A better way to jump into the year is by daring to be a better version of you. This year, I’ve promised myself to boost my crawling self-confidence, no matter how hard fear plays with my emotion. There is no new me, just a girl making healthy changes for a happier life. I’m done lying to myself – you should too.

Don’t Wait For The New Year To Refresh

First, I’m not downplaying anyone’s choice to wait 365 – 366 days before starting afresh, but you can make a change at any time of the year. August is as good as January and every other month when you feel something needs to be fixed. Just get on with it, stop waiting!

I made a duty to myself to always make do with the moment. Waiting for the year end to clear my spam folder, waiting for December to fix my posts – more like an excuse to procrastinate.

Start The Year With Goals if You Can

Your goals are nothing far from resolutions if you don’t plan them properly. For the first time, I’m looking to work with actual goals, void of unrealistic expectations. This year, I’m daring myself to be better with life and my crafts. I’m more specific with what I want to achieve through the year and lastly, there is no pressure or deadline –  I simply want to make progress and grow. 

If you are yet to draft out your goals for the year, there’s no need to rush. Take out time to prepare yourself and gather all information you’ll need to scale through the year. Just remember not to drown yourself in plans and expectations, you’ll only have procrastination and yourself to blame. Be realistic and reasonable with your goals, it makes everything easier for you.

The only thing new about us this year, is the number patching itself to our age and unless we want to keep singing the “new me song” every year, actions need to be taken.

Be Kind To Yourself

I am practising more kindness all year round, this time, I want to be kinder to myself. I’m not out to pressurise myself or offer little to me. I hope you do the same everyday.

Stop being a disappointment to your beautiful soul.

There's No New You, It's Just Another Year 2