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  • 8 Ways to Promote a Newly Published Blog Post

    A good amount of traffic comes to a blog post within the first day, after it gets published. You can get lots of traffic to both old and new posts notwithstanding when they go live. Apparently, you can drive more traffic if you promote rightly. Thus, it’s important to share […]

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  • Guides To Choose The Perfect Domain Name

    When starting a blog or a business online, one of the most important features for getting the word out is your business’ domain name. Think of the domain name as the name by which your business will always be known online & offline. Example drinks.ng. So, are you still struggling […]

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  • Best Places To Find Free Images For Your Blog

    It’s obvious you need 100% free to use creative common images so you don’t fall into the grasping pain of being filed for using copyrighted images! Stop getting pictures off Google or any other search engine’s images section. It’s not an easy task when you have to look for free […]

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  • Simple Blogging Rules To Boost Your Blog

    Blogging is cute, Blogging is adorable but it also is heart-aching especially when you’ve run out of blog topics! What do I blog about? What will my audience love? How do I place my article? Isn’t it so heart aching? I guess it is… However, a good blogger wouldn’t keep […]

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  • Things To Know Before Starting Your Blog

    It’s advised that you read this beautiful post before you start your new blog. Presently, there are over a million bloggers blogging endlessly daily. We are on that stressful journey of standing out and I wish to drag you along at your will. Things To Know Before Starting Your Blog […]

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