How Fear Controls Us And Why We Must Take Over

Fear has to be a master of disguise because it comes in several other forms we know by different names. I could bet that a lot of us procrastinate because we are scared, most of us are perfectionists because we fear judgement, and let’s not go further than self-sabotage, that always making us undermine our efforts because we fear they will not be appreciated. FEAR has to be everything we fight.

Fear controls us
How much does fear control us?

Every day, more and more projects go down the drain, courtesy of the fear of failure, rejection, underappreciation and more. It’s crazy how most of us have to constantly battle this shortcoming every day of our lives.

Creatives often battle fear excessively until they finally learn to work with it. Sometimes overcoming fear comes earlier, other times, it comes later and when it’s so bad, it never comes. No one deserves to live with a feeling of not being enough, but here we are, another day with a battle we must fight.

Watch Me Talk About Living With Fear

How The World Isn’t Helping

If you ask me, I’ll say the world currently strives on “toxins.” These days almost everyone wants to be a judge over someone’s business. A lot of people are becoming insensitive in their dealings and driving individuals into their shell. It takes extra thick skin to pull through the toxicity of the world these days.

Everything gets even more difficult because the internet is gradually overtaking our world. You can do almost anything online these days and that includes trolling. Those miscreants are on the rise, and it’s disheartening. You’ll literally have to deal with them at all times. Yes, you need to be strong and ready for the unwarranted backlash from an unfriendly human you’ll likely never meet.

How Social Media Aids FEAR

If you are active on social media, you will have noticed how creatives use platforms like Facebook, twitter and instagram to promote their works to reach more audiences. It’s a beautiful practice; a chance to meet more clients and people like you. The thing is, it takes a lot to share your projects online. If you are chanced to ask questions, replies will wow you. Some people only manage to survive the hate, others, do not pull through.

Now, you see a lot of near perfect crafts online because no one seems to be sharing their work unless it’s passed the “amazing” stage. Beginners aren’t encouraged to share their not so good crafts because someone out there is looking to undermine their effort. It’s all winnings or nothing. If you are brave enough to look beyond the hate, fine! Else, you may have to crawl back into your shell waiting for perfection.

Whilst there are a lot of judgmental people who do not realize being professional in a field comes after stages of practice; you’ll find good people giving you the love and corrections you desire. You only have to look beyond your fears which a lot of us still fight with.

Why We Need To Overcome FEAR

Do you know the feeling of stagnancy that strolls into your thoughts? that should be your call to action, the one that makes you want to overcome and work with fear. No one wants to hide behind closed doors; you don’t have to be controlled by what fear makes you feel. Sad thing is, we know FEAR is merely our projections but for some reason, we still bow to its unhealthy pressure.

Fear honestly, isn’t the problem, it’s how we manage it. We will have no problems if the battle doesn’t revolve around making progress and moving away from an unfriendly relationship with our self-doubt, perfectionism, self-sabotage, procrastination, comfort zone and what not. Apparently, we need to manage fear to make PROGRESS.

Anger, Questions and Regrets Do Nothing

Sometimes, I feel so mad at myself for being scared of absolutely nothing but my imaginations and negativity.

  • “No one will listen to me”
  • “I’ll be bashed – why? you aren’t even hurting anyone.”
  • How did we even get here?
  • Why didn’t our parents prepare us for the battle ahead?

Questions, at this point, will give us no results unless they are directed towards getting better.

FEAR: The Menace You Are Too Scared To Fix

The stage where you feel absolute disgust is probably crazy because despite your feelings, you still manage to stay within the circle of fear. Yes, you are tired of dancing to the tune of stagnancy but helpless because you are still scared of fighting fear. The steps you need to take involves doing what FEAR forbids, leaving your comfort zone.

You know, people keep saying, do what makes you scared, amazing! But how do you begin when you are too scared to raise a finger?

While this is difficult, we’ll have to work with our fears else, we are going nowhere.

Stop listening to your fears – No, there is nothing wrong with listening to your fears. If you’ll agree with me, we know when the voice in our head is a projection and not some warning.

“I want to work with fear more. I want to ignore the voice in my head that limits my creativity.”

Stop imagining failure; Take that leap now. Unless it has to do with physically or mentally hurting yourself, take the leap and stop sighting failure before you start.

The “WHAT IFs” Could Be True, But…

If there is any voice I wish I didn’t have to constantly listen to, it’s the negative “WHAT IFs” in my head.

What if this doesn’t work as planned?

You may have no guarantee that whatever you are currently involved in will work as planned, but there is always only one way to find out; except you can travel through time.

It’s Easy To Say “Filter Comments And Ignore The Hate.”

While this might be some motivational blah blah blah, finding the positives and ignoring the negatives will help us grow. Pick constructive criticism over blatant hate. It’s difficult, but we just have to grow thicker skins as the world grows uglier.

Don’t fear failure – I have been so scared of failing that doing nothing became the only solution. That isn’t it. To avoid failure we need to work. We can’t always control failing, but we can try. running from tasks doesn’t combat failure, you only delay growth and impede your productivity.

Be ready with work with fear. I know it takes time to fully evolve, but take the baby steps. WE WILL DO IT EVEN IF WE ARE SCARED.

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