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Blogger’s Diary; Broke and Tired

Yes, you read right, I’m broke, and it’s disturbing. How often do you feel not too determined to do what’s needed to be done? It’s been a long time in here and I couldn’t wait to jump back with something bigger and better, but then, the heart is heavy and […]

Blogger’s Diary; Life Of A Student Blogging

So school is literally consuming my time, also the poor network coverage at my apartment is sickening and taking me even farther from blogging. If you follow me, most of my diaries are filled with me anticipating graduating from the University and probably hopping onto a new phase in my […]

Blogger’s Diary; Happy Birthday To Me

OMG! I am getting older, but you’ll never know! My physique and petite nature will definitely give you away! I feel younger than my younger sisters. Lol Anticipating My Birthday I have been so melancholic about today, because I pictured it as a lonely day waiting to come! I’d probably […]