About Me


Hello there! Warm hugs 😉

Who Am I?

My name is Onome (Or-nor-meh), a resilient young lady in her mid-20s striving to make a legitimate living online. It’s been 8 years of walking on a path to earning money online.

I am a Nigerian by nationality and Urhobo by tribe. I studied English and Literature Ed. from the University of Benin, Nigeria.

Onome loves surfing the web, sewing, window shopping. She’s got a thing for art and enjoys scouting the web for pretty digital files like; fonts, crafts and illustrations (don’t do this unless you know what licences are).

The Internet ????


I started blogging in 2012 shortly after secondary (high) school. I needed to keep myself busy until I gained university admission. Blogging was only a hobby until late 2019 when I decided it was time to monetize my efforts.

Why Blogtrovert?

Before blogtrovert.com, I had several blogs (one of the crazy mistakes I made in the early stages of my blogging life). In 2016, I discovered the other side of blogging and decided to start all over again with the name blogtrovert.

Blogtrovert, as a choice didn’t just come; I wanted something unique so created the word with “Blog” and “Introvert.”

found a definition posted way back from 2011; Blogtrovert : a person who really comes out of their shell while blogging.


About The Blog

This blog was initially created to guide and help individuals new to blogging. Over time it became a spot to share my life and money journey. Blogtrovert is an awesome place to express myself freely with no restrictions.

If you are reading this, know that you will find your way and take charge in this virtual world.

I want you to not just read my Lifestyle posts but also want you to understand how things work online. Below are the major areas of concentration on my blog;

  • Personal Development
  • Make Money Online
  • Blogging

I hope you reading this will pull off that annoying limiting shell of yours. It does nothing but hold you(us) back!