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Worse Excuses for Failing to make a Change

May 21, 2017Joseph O.


Do you have a million reasons why you weren’t able to accomplish the tasks you had in mind?

There is always a group of people who would blame the world for their problems but themselves.

Everything is someone else’s fault. Every problem is explained away with excuses. Excuses for failure, excuses about their choices in life, for not moving forward in life, for not giving their best at home, at work and anywhere else.

It’s a lot easier pointing an accusing finger at someone or something else instead of looking within us. Isn’t it? But the truth is, when you’re wrapped up in the blame and excuse game; you’re the only one that’s losing out. You distance yourself from any possible lesson and solution.

Excuses hold you back from moving forward… It’s the hallmark of people who block themselves from success. The more you blame, the more you remove the need for yourself to change; the more you close the door of opportunities, possibilities and solutions.

When things aren’t adding up in life, instead of casting blame and offering excuses; take charge. The amount of energy and stress it takes to place blame elsewhere, takes away from you, the ability to move forward and find a real solution.

If the situation is within your control, change it. If it’s completely out of your control, pray and approach it accordingly. You can go far in life, when you start taking responsibilities for your action..you’ll see things in an entirely new direction.

I got this beautiful piece from a worthy Friend

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