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How To Add Instagram Feed To Your Blog

November 17, 2016Joseph O.

You probably have an Instagram account and would want to showcase your pictures in your blog. Adding an Instagram widget to your blog goes beyond just showcasing your account to gaining followers, who wouldn’t want more followers? This post will be your guide in embedding an Instagram feed into your blog.
For people do not use or have an idea of Instagram, to let you know about the beautiful platform, I will run through it briefly. 
Instagram is an online photo and video sharing network which let you share photos and videos straight from your mobile device to your account for your followers viewing pleasure. With Instagram, you can automatically share your photos and videos on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr.
I will be sharing a couple of tutorials with you today that not require a plugin, and can be used on either WordPress or Blogger platform, although I will center more on blogger users.
There are many websites that could work for what we want to do, but we will be using just two of such websInstagram
bedding Instagram feed with SnapWidget
Instagram feed
1. Now, You will need to visit snapWidget website where you may need to register as a member and upgrade if you so desire. After registration, You get access to the site immediately. 
snapwidget Instagram feed
2. There are couple of options for instagram and once you make up your mind for which to go for, click on “CREATE YOUR WIDGET”.
Instagram widget
3. On the next page, grant snapwidget access to your Instagram page and fill in the options as displayed then click on get widget.
4. copy the code from the pop up.
5. visit blogger admin panel, layout then create a new HTML gadget in your sidebar or blog footer then paste the code copied, save…
Now, visit your blog. You should have a beautiful new Instagram gadget showing off your pics!
You can customize your new widget further if the look doesn’t beat your reach…
Embedding Instagram feed with LightWidget
lightwidget Instagram feed
1. Now, You will need to visit Lightwidget, unlike snapWidget, you don’t need an account to get an Instagram widget, all lightwidget requires from you is that you grant them access to your Instagram page. to do that, 
2 Click on the  LOGIN button having an Instagram icon and grant light widget access to your Instagram page then the filled in the options as displayed then click on get code.
3. Copy the code that displayed
4 Visit blogger, layout and create a HTML gadget then paste your code and save. 
you’ve successfully integrated lightwidget to your blog. you can always customize your widget by visiting the site.
The Choice is yours, which do you prefer?
Note; A click on snapWidget Instagram feed widget redirects you to their site instead of Instagram and it displays ads as well but you can always upgrade to by pass this.
Lightwidget does take you directly to Instagram
Instagram feed
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