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The act Of Failing; 10 Things You Need to Know About Failure

May 16, 2017Joseph O.

  Failure is one annoying character. It never minds its business, it keeps poke nosing in people’s affairs unfairly. Probably, if it had a choice, it wouldn’t!

Here are The few Crazy Things About Failure…

1. You, Everybody have Experienced failure

Failure isn’t something anyone wants to experience but the bottom line is,  everyone in one way or the other have experienced failure… Before you shout no!  You might just get bumped by memories of past experiences with failure… It isn’t nice though but somehow, it always happen.
So why feel bad for not getting something right when there is chance for a second trial?

2. Listening To The Right People Can Check Failure…

Oh yes! The ‘I’m too good’ attitude has Surely done more harm than good on people who always feel listening to others doesn’t matter because such opinions are waste of time… Trust me, one idea can surpass your 101 ideas.
Listening to the opinions of others can boost an idea to you have,  it might even be the key to your success… But when you listen,  know who gives the right opinion from those who give the wrong opinion…

3. Failure Is A Teacher

Failure, no matter how bad it is, teaches a lesson… If taking path B leads you to failure, next time, you will assume path A will lead you somewhere better… Undergoing failure is better than not trying at all because by trying you get an experience that will help check your next trial…

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Failure is strict teacher, whatever you learn, gets embedded in you for a long long time…

4. You can let Failure Make You Succeed or Quit

The choice is yours. Should you stop trying because you failed once or twice or would you try harder and do better so you can overcome failure? The choice as always is yours… Failure shouldn’t be a excuse to stop trying, it shouldn’t be the reason.
Rather than let failure discourage you, let it motivate you…

5. The Blame Game is Failure’s Checkmate

Failure always has its way of making you blame everyone or anything you find worth blaming…  But blaming your family,  your friends,  your condition or more for being the reason of your failure gets you more sullen in failure…

So, whatever the reason, whatever makes you get tired of failure should motivate you put more effort and discover the route to over coming that failure…

So, what are you waiting for? There are 26 letters if the alphabet not just A and B! As always, IF PLAN A FAILS, THERE IS PLAN B – Z… Patience and some adjustment is all you need!

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