Yippee! Blogtrovert is +1 Today

Yippee! Blogtrovert is +1 Today

Last Updated On: February 14, 2020Nomzy


I never thought I’d fall in love so much with this blog neither did I think that I would ever learn a lesson from my past nonchalant attitude towards blogs and domains I previously owned.

You might want to read My Awful Blogging Journey.

I’m so glad to be here for another 1year! I moved away from my previous blog and began blogging with blogtrovert.com on August 18th 2016. I played around with wordpress on a free and an extremely cheap webhost but I guess I just had to navigate to and settled with blogger almost immediately!

Obviously, there is much to learn and more to achieve… I’ve got no excuse not to renew my beautiful domain and I’m really sorry dear monitoring expired domain seekers you aren’t gonna pounce on this one just yet!

I do wish I could host a give away but oops! blogtrovert.com is still a baby despite being around for a year now, all thanks to my divided attention.


I have changed my header image to mark the beginning of a new year for us and I will be using the new design for now until something new come up.

Although the previous was OK, I need something new… I hope you love it!

So what do I hope to achieve in my 2nd year of ownership of this blog?

Let’s see…

I will devote more time to blogging, and blog more about the main reason it was created “Personal rants and Online experiences of a shy introverted girl” what a load!

I’d hopefully develop more on my writing skills.

Definitely would strive to bury that fear of stepping out and getting known; this has lingered on for too long.

Probably I will move to wordpress if I end up being a little more serious but that is no problem for now.

More so, I can’t wait to be a graduate! That would be next year though…

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  • Paramind

    December 7, 2017 at 11:01 am

    Waow beautiful pictures. Wait seriously did you say u design these pictures with PICSART???

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