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WPS Office

I came across WPS Office some time ago while looking for an android notebook and in the long run, it has proven to be the best I’ve used so far…

WPS Office comes with so many features and can do most things the famous Microsoft Office does.
WPS office

It creates Documents, memos, spreadsheets and presentations just like Microsoft office.

WPS office reads and creates PDF, Doc, text and lot of other files, it let you save your work without the popular annoying watermarks.
WPS office not only provides you a reader but also the ability to edit the files you read. 

One awesome feature I discovered about it, is its ability to read almost every file… It actually penetrates zipped files… Awesome!

Although this application cannot be compared to Microsoft Office but for its diversity of use, it should win every android user’s heart especially people like me who enjoy writing notes with their phones.

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