Why Bloggers Should Use SEMRUSH

One of the biggest problems with both old and new blogs, is poor keyword ranking. Using the right keyword is as important as writing great contents on your blog.
Most traffic blogs get from search engines come from posts with keywords. 
The right keyword actually is a basis in driving traffic to posts from search engines. If you know what keywords your blog is ranking for and the keyword’s position , you can do several things to improve your search engine ranking.
Most people have no knowledge of what keywords are and actually write without a speciYou keyword which definitely won’t help in blog ranking.
So, have you been looking for a Search Engine Optimization tool which allow you do keyword research, track keyword ranking, check backlinks, check competitor, and a whole lot more. 
There are many Keyword Rank Checker tools and some of them include; Google Keyword Planner, Analytics, Webmaster Tool, SERP, Small SEO Tool, SEMRush etc..
In here, I’m personally recommending SEMRUSH because of it’s uniqueness which holds a free and paid subscription… SEMRush is a perfect contender to all the rest because It is a great way to monitor keywords of your website, its ranking and keep an eye on your competitors’ keywords and ranking. Whether you are running a service site or a blog, you should know what keywords to choose that can benefit your website in a proper way and SEMRush Keyword Research Tool fits into such requirement.
With SEMRUSH you enjoy the following;

1. Get to know all the Keywords of any Blog/Website, including Sub Domains and All Web Pages

2. Keywords Based on a Specific Country and Mobile Devices

3.Find New Keywords to Work on and Keep an Eye on Competitor

4. Boost Your Ranking in Search Engine

5. Type any keyword to find its search matrix and related keywords

6. Know how to Make More Money with Adsense
 After all said and done, an average blogger would want to test SEMrush and as earlier stated,  SEMRush is both free and paid. the free allows to check 10 keywords on any websites, but just for a couple of times.If you want to check more keywords, you can join SEMRush for $69.95 each month.

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