Moving from a failed 30 Day Blogging Challenge to Something better

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I have searched terms like ‘30 day blogging challenge’, and discovered the success encountered by people who have completed the act. I really do envy the dexterity of such people but then, I have come to realize that a challenge is not for everyone and it may not work for everyone as it worked for others.

I have spent the last couple of days fighting the fact that I have never really completed a challenge, nor set an achievable goal. Trust me, it is disheartening but then, I can only change this awful blogging journey of mine. I have decided to start a blogging challenge myself but I cannot give an assurance of 7 posts a week. Since I could not succeed in doing a 30 day blogging challenge, I will gladly minimize it to a weekly blogging challenge!

What Do I Hope To Achieve?

I want to move from 0-1 post a week to 3-5 posts a week…

At least, this is not too difficult to achieve nor too deep to comprehend.

When Should I Start?

I always wanted to do this blogging challenge when I started out at blogtrovert in 2016. I attempted a 30day blog challenge earlier this year but that challenge ended abruptly. Obviously, I have been a blogger who didn’t blog passionately for at least 5 years. Imagine that I was consistent for these years? I would have probably been telling a different story now. So, there is no perfect time to start than now!

Why Haven’t I succeeded In Doing a Blogging challenge?

I procrastinated… I postponed, I never set goals I could achieve.

Now, I am ready to rewrite my blogging story and push it a bit further to the top, in order to grow drastically. I will if anyone reading this post joins me in my not so strict blog challenge. We just want to move from doing nothing to doing something commendable every week.

Now, a simple question;

Do you procrastinate?

Will you be willing to do a blogging challenge to eliminate that procrastinating habit?

If you are interested in this, you can send me an email at

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7 thoughts on “Moving from a failed 30 Day Blogging Challenge to Something better

  1. Yes I will join you. I am only scared because my blog is not really the same with other blogs like this. Its a poem blog and to create a single post, I have to put at least 10 poems together to create at least a 500 words post.
    Well instead of giving reasons why I can’t do it, I will just hold on to one reason why I can.
    So am gonna join and see how the challenges turn out.

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