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Web hosting for your Blog

October 24, 2017

Web hosting

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What web hosting type to choose for your blog?

So you’ve decided to start your own blog, but you’re absolutely clueless when it comes to anything technical. Before you decide on your design or any technical specifications you need to first buy a domain and hosting.

This is a quick guide to introduce you to the types of web hosting there are, so that you’ll be able to find what suits you best.

There are four main types of web hosting available:

  1. Shared hosting
  2. VPS
  3. Cloud hosting
  4. Dedicated hosting.

Shared Hosting

With shared hosting your website is located on the same server as hundreds of other websites and all of you share the resources and have the same IP address. While many providers say they give you unlimited resources, in reality they are limited, and if one of the websites consumes more resources, your website will be slow and may often experience downtime.

Shared hosting is not regarded as the best option, however it is quite cheap. If your blog is going to be primary text based, such as articles and stuff, you’ll find this to be suitable for you. But if you plan on having something like a travel blog with a lot of high-res images, videos etc and expect traffic spikes look at other options.


VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, some might say that this is a type of Shared Hosting, however unlike the aforementioned, your website is hosted on its own independent “virtual server”. A software installed on the server divides it into parts creating what can be called mini-servers.

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You don’t share the resources with others and your server runs independently which allows a certain degree of customization. The resources such as storage, CPU, RAM can be scaled, however they are limited to the capabilities of the physical server itself.

VPS hosting is a bit pricier than shared hosting while it is more reliable. If your blog is going to have a lot of multimedia content and is expected to receive thousands of visitors a day, you should at least invest in a good VPS hosting.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting has been growing in popularity recently, and it’s no wonder. It’s completely salable, you can actually request additional resources with one click. Storage is also unlimited, and it guarantees almost 100% uptime.

All thanks to how cloud hosting works, simply put it’s a number of interconnected servers. That is why even if one server fails, your website will still be up and running since it’s not hosted on one server alone. But there is a thing to keep in mind, while generally considered secure, cloud hosting can be hacked and all your data leaked or stolen, since everything is stored virtually.

The chance of that miniature, but possible. It is usually more expensive than VPS or Shared hosting, it’s subscription based and you only pay for what you use. So in reality you’ll be saving more money, while also having your website available 24/7 for the users. This is an optimal choice for video and photography blogs.

Dedicated Hosting

Want your own server all to yourself to do what you want with? Look into dedicated hosting, then name itself suggests what it actually is, a server completely dedicated to your website. The resources are all yours to use.

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However, you will also have to manage and maintain the server yourself. Unless you’re willing to learn how to do that, you will need to hire a professional to maintain the server for additional cost. That is not to say, dedicated hosting doesn’t have its advantages.

This type of hosting offers security and reliability, no one would steal your resources and you can set up the server the way you want. A good dedicated hosting will range from $50 to thousands of dollars a month. Obviously, you don’t need to pay that amount to just host a blog. But dedicated hosting is the perfect solution for any type of blog, be it a journal type of blog, photography or video or any other.

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with different types of hosting and have chosen which one is best for you, it’s time to look at hosting providers. There are thousands and thousands of those, but thankfully there are review

websites and forums to help you make that choice.

Written By:

Oleksandra Chupryna


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