Vindale Research: Get Paid To Review Websites, Products And Take Surveys

Vindale research review

If I’m not mistaken, You’ve probably heard of the company, vindale research In case you haven’t, Vindale reasearch is a great product review company, which pays as much as 5usd to 75usd per review. Fair enough huh?

There is more to being a member of vindale Research

Apart from getting paid to review or evaluate products, you also get paid to participate surveys, reward emails, refer friends and family, deals to earn money. You also have a chance to earn 5usd for juautomaselfie of you smiling and holding your check or paypal payment after cash out.

How Vindale works
• Regularly Vindale Research will suggest you to try a new product or visit couple of known websites, you are to evaluate this website if you so wish. So, reviewing a website depends solely on you… If you are interested, fine, if you aren’t, you can always stick around for other offers.

• So, as earlier mentioned, If you are interested in getting paid to review websites or other get paid to offers, you can request a product or visit the website and follow the steps given to you fir proper evaluation.  You will always be guided with steps on what to do and what to evaluate, thus, you won’t get confused along the way.

• Once you are done evaluating a product or website, you will be prompted to fill out a simple online questionnaire; you have to share the experience you had in the website or with the usage of the product. Vindale always make sure answers are given anonymously.

• Once you’ve completed your task, your money will be aded to your Vindale account. 


You recieve your payment via paypal or check once it reaches the $50 threshold.

So, don’t you think it Will be fun to get paid for every review or completed survey you do?  — if you’d love to share your unique opinion that absolutely matters, Vindale Research is absolutely free to join!


  1. IvJ

    As funny as that might sound, it’s the truth.. Sign up as a Nigerian and you might never receive offers.

  2. You may never see offers…

  3. Anonymous

    Can I open a vindale account in Nigeria?

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