The Unhealthy Choice to Make Money Fast

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Make money fast

Want to make money online, offline, or possibly outline?

Oh, I guess You are wondering; how to make money fast?

I know how much we all pray and work effortlessly or carelessly towards earning six figures if not more or manageably, five figures. But then, while trying to hustle, make ends meet and make a healthy living or learn how to make money online or by any means; we find ourselves, or rather a group of people entangled in a web of how to make money fast. But is there really a way to make quick and easy money?

Despite the many scams happening here and there, most people would rather fall into the net of the infamous ‘Get Rich Quick’ syndrome which has eaten deep into a good percentage of young adults and slowly, into a group of the oldies. Personally, I ‘have’ have fallen victim of this unhealthy desire and luckily came out with more or less a “lucky me” comment. Your story may and might not be the same lucky one I had.

Genuine ways to make money online in Nigeria

Now, you might speak for yourself that you have never been entangled with the desire to make money fast or quick easy money. Probably you learned a lesson that prevented you from falling deep into the ocean of ‘get rich quick’ that would have pulled you to the part where you get caught up with scam lords. But how about the gullible fellow who would keep answering to the desires of a scam lord because he/she swims in an ocean of the “how to make money fast?”

How to make money blogging

Below is a true story

A young lady in need of a #100,000 loan fell prey to scammers who ended up taking more than she bargained for by convincing her to pay even more in order to get a bigger loan of #700,000. She ended up in debts; her parents had to pay!

Now, she wasn’t wise enough to know that a genuine financial institution would not request money for loan nor encourage you to take more than you can actually pay! She was obviously blinded by greed and the quest for money to have fun.

Stories like this may sound too stupid to be true but so you know, people still fall prey to scammers due to many reasons of which most are surrounded by greed! So while you think of and search for ways to make money, try as much as possible not to search for anything with the phrase “make money fast” or “make money without a job”.

Genuine ways to make money online and how to spot work at home job scams

The best way to avoid falling prey to make money Fast Scams:

  • Not expecting too much for nothing. If anyone tells you that you can transform #3000 to #30,000 in a day, run!
  • Not attempting to make money by doing nothing!
  • Eradicating that part of you that wants to be greedy.
  • Looking for genuine ways to make money online.
  • Properly researching an offer or opportunity before jumping into it.
  • Talking to friends and family when the zeal to be greedy is strong!
  • Avoid looking for ways on how to make money fast.

You should realize that the need to make money online or offline is not an easy nut to crack and it takes a few months, years or more to begin making good money from whatever genuine make money online or offline offer you have fixed yourself into.

Good luck and stay away from scam!

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Comments (2)

  • Paramind

    November 29, 2017 at 6:49 pm

    Am a victim of MMM. Still have 42 thousands stuck in the scheme. Sad I didn’t read your post on “reasons to stay away from MMM” earlier.
    Well we learn from our mistakes.

    1. Joseph O.

      November 30, 2017 at 8:12 pm

      So sorry for your loss, We probably have all fallen victim of get rich quick schemes.

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