Understanding the Power of Tech

Understanding the Power of Tech

Last Updated On: February 8, 2020Nomzy
Understanding the Power of Tech 1
Infographic Design by University of Norwich

Tech is on the rise. We’re often referred to as the online generation, and for good reason! Almost all of us have a smartphone now. We use them on a daily basis to connect with friends, post online, update our social media profiles, carry out online banking, and much more. We work on the internet. We socialise on the internet. We shop on the internet. We find almost all of our information on the internet. We’re constantly connected to a world beyond ourselves, and in many ways this is great.

The internet can be a powerful thing for the good of the world. But it’s also important to remember that when something is powerful, when used in the wrong hands, it can actually serve the greater bad of the world! The internet and technology have all sorts of potential to be used in the wrong ways. This is evident from instances of cyber bullying, the spread of fake news and misinformation, and cyber attacks such as hacking and online identity theft.

This can all be pretty scary. But the more aware you are of how the internet and technology can be used, the more open your eyes will be to its misuse. Always stay wary when operating online. The more savvy you are, the less likely you are to be targeted yourself. Just remember that nobody is above the reach of negative cyber activity! The infographic below will show you how powerful modern technology can be on a global scale. It’s even used by top tier individuals for political purposes!

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