Things To Know Before Starting Your Blog

Things To Know Before Starting Your Blog

Last Updated On: August 23, 2019
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It’s advised that you read this beautiful post before you start your new blog…
Presently, there are over a million bloggers blogging endlessly daily… we are on that stressful journey of standing out and I wish to drag you along at your will…
There are few things that makes one begin blogging… if it isn’t for fun, then probably, it’s for the crazy monetary aspect. everyone needs to make a little cash now and then..
There are a hundred and one things you should know before you click that create button… so, what are these things I’m so eager to let you know?
1. Set a goal, 
Be sure of what you want and be ready for a bumpy ride… blogging isn’t something really easy. before you make up your mind to blog, you should know what you want to blog about. You should choose a niche that you would perform better with. It is important that you decide what to write about and stay focused on that niche. You should know that there are lot of blogs, thus you’ll have to figure out how to make your blog stand out from the crowd. Choose your niche wisely and be passionate about it.
2. Choose your blogging platform.
there are tons of blogging platform to choose from. and blogger are my best bet. You need to decide whether to pay for your blog (wordpress) or grab a free one (Blogger) .
3. Get a domain name… 
once you decide where to host your blog,  it’s advised that you get a domain name. your domain goes a long way in building your brand… don’t be hasty, settle down and decide the best domain name for you… You can read a detailed article about choosing the right domain name
4. Host your blog
You probably have gotten your domain name and the next thing you need to do is host your new site.  if it’s blogger, then you can read a detailed instruction on How to create a blog with blogger. then,  if your choice is WordPress. If you have chosen to blog with WordPress, then you need to know the web hosts that can beat your reach.
Some of these webhosts are;

Also read detailed instructions on How to start a wordpress blog.

5. Build your Blog design
Your blog’s design should always give an insight of you, your personality and what you intend blogging about. Don’t go setting your blog up with a fashion oriented theme when you intend blogging about sports… a big knock off; I presume.
Make sure your blog design make your blog easily accessible and beautiful to behold… your blog design shouldn’t but too pale or too bright…  avoid multi coloration… it’s not cool
6. Publicise your blog
Now, you’ve created your dream blog, you need to publicise it and let the world know that you’ve started something big. Write your first blog posts and share it with your friends and family…
So? Write good content, promote your blog and be an awesome blogger!

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