New Month With Open Live Writer


So, today have been good and It’s a new month!

I’ve not been so regular here and I’ve got no excuse…I actually wanted to test the OPEN LIVE WRITER I downloaded today and that prompted me to write this shabby post… I’m excessively use to my phone and I can’t type few lines without using the  backspace button… lol… The only time I tried not to use it,  I got lot of errors… I obviously need to step up my game if I would want to use my laptop for blogging rather than just movies. The hand thingy is not working… I’m so not use to the keys here… No auto capitalization, no auto correction… Wow! be contented with what you have is all i can say…

Now about the new app I found for blogging
I’ve actully googled about desktop blogging applications but ended up with the oldies which either have been discontinued or didn’t work… Glad I found this one when I did and this is just some testing the microphone stuff… lol

Itty bitty observations while trying OPEN LIVE WRITER for my blog hosted on blogger
Nice app it is… well, let’s see how it goes… Happy new month guys…

you can save incomplete posts as draft then finish later…
Couldn’t use spellcheck, that feature is abviously important… Will find out why I couldn’t… Good thing I’ve got Google…

Well I tried adding a picture before publishing or saving as draft but couldnt… An error came up with cant publish files… 
I removed the picture and bam! I was able to save this post as draft.
Had to login via the web to add my picture and publish this post…All I can say is…
Open live writer may just be good for writing drafts and posting without pictures but what is a blog post without some beautiful pictures?
Something about Open Live Writer

Open Live Writer is
a lightweight blog editor, it works with WordPress, Blogger , TypePad , Moveable Type , DasBlog and many more.
You can create
blog posts, add photos and videos then publish to your
It’s also possible to compose blogs posts offline then
publish later. 

The application works on windows laptops
Click the link below to download Open Live writer 


  1. Hmmm, where can i download it abd which platform does it runs on

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