10 Ways To Survive Social Media Life and Lies

social media life and lies

Growing up, life was much easier because there were fewer things to take us from reality into imagination. Now, the internet has made life overly complicated as itself, and people feel they cannot live without social media. This brings a whole new meaning to the word “socialisation;” networking and socialising without meeting people.

From the comforts of our homes, we do almost everything. You’re shopping from home, working from home, and even making tons of friends without leaving home. It might be great to shop and work online, but how cool is socialising online?

With the bulk of networking sites springing up here and there, it’s safe to say social media platforms have become a more significant part of the internet. This has also had a significant negative impact on our daily lives. It has caused the rise of anxiety, depression and low self-esteem in the younger generation.


Basically, we live to lie online and cannot live without social media. Trust me, you don’t want to deny or justify the lies either. It’s easy to say “I stay true to myself online as I stay true to myself in the real world.” But then, deep down, you know it’s all lies. It’s easier to lie about your everyday life on a platform like Instagram. Filters are out there to make even the ugliest pictures look perfect and worth envying. We do all this for likes and undeserved compliments. There is a reason I am calculative of whom I follow online.

Surviving Social Media Life

I do not bother to follow people whose updates have no value to me. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in illusions on social media. You will feel like you are not doing enough with your life and effort and that you NEED to be like every other perfect looking person on the internet. You can be rich online, but live as broken as nothing in the real world, thanks to social media.

Not to over say this, it takes intelligence and self-satisfaction to withstand the weight that comes along with social media life. For some reason, your friends on social media have a perfect life. It’s so easy to stay Internet happy even if you’re sad in the real world.

Sometimes it feels like social media makes us feel worse and horrible about our lives. Now, how do we survive in this virtual world?

Help Social Media Work For You

Despite the ups and downs of social media, it is still an amazing place to grow in knowledge and make good friends. For one, Facebook has strong support for innovative communities. It could be a skill you are learning or interested in. Make good use of your social media platform and follow beneficial topics on Twitter and Instagram.

It’s all right to have fun and keep up with famous and influential individuals, but don’t linger on for long, so it doesn’t become depressing. Do more of the groups, pages and people that help you grow mentally and in every aspect. Use social media to kill boredom but don’t get addicted.  

Maintain Perspective

Social media is a “highlight” of events in life. It’s not a spot to share photos of uncomfortable situations, complaints, or even a bad day. It is important to remember how social media users typically share their ups, positive experiences and not their normal day. Everyone faces life’s challenges in one way or the other.

Pictures are Deceiving

If everything else has failed you, this won’t. The pictures on social media are so deceiving! Nobody’s life is ever as perfect as their feeds. No one wakes up looking like an angel. A little touch here and there gives the ideal early morning “GOOD MORNING WORLD, I WOKE UP LIKE THIS” tag.

Be Selective of Who You Follow

As I said earlier, I am selective of the people I follow on social media. You do not need numbers to stay active on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Keep your circle closed; don’t follow accounts that will make you have depressive thoughts about yourself. You do not have to live to please your followers either, stay you, and don’t work yourself up trying to be “social media perfect.” Don’t hesitate to block all awful followers.

Survive without Social Media
Connect With People Outside Social Media

Wish Others Well with Real Intent

Sometimes people share their achievements and excitements online to enable others to celebrate with them and not necessarily to show off. Although actual intentions can be hard to tell, it’s better if you sincerely hope for others’ happiness. It takes nothing to share in the excitement of a friend who posts pictures with his/her new outfit or other achievements. Sometimes it’s best to celebrate with others rather than kill yourself over why you aren’t where they are yet. You probably do not understand the hurdles they battled with to get there.

Numbers Don’t Tell Friends

Gone are the days when the number of friends or followers on my personal accounts mattered. If you don’t run a business, I see no reason to be bothered about your follower count. These days, people tend to attach importance to the number of friends/followers a user has. You can survive with a few friends online. Get out and meet people without the aid of social media.

We Aren’t all Influencers

The most important new job on social media platforms right now is the INFLUENCER JOB. You do not need a degree; the only skill you need is to know how to be controversial and have a good number of followings. Virtually everyone wants to become a social media influencer, easy money, huh? You’d better brace yourself up and understand that we all can’t be influencers. Some are made for this job while others aren’t. Don’t force yourself into a world you can not fit in. There are other ways to make money online, and it doesn’t have to do with pushing a crazy lifestyle on yourself.

Avoid Motivational Speakers on Social Media

While I’m not stopping anyone from listening to or following motivational speakers, we have to be careful of who we follow and what we pay heed to. I hate motivational speakers. They seem to be everywhere, talking about a life they never lived and urging people to do things they don’t do. It’s a trend now to talk people into not doing something they love so that they can be successful. They seem to be creating more problems than life solutions.

Don’t Live a Lie

If you must survive outside of social media, DO NOT LIVE A LIE. It kills no one but you. If social media makes you want to live above your usual self, avoid and live the best life you can afford. Start small and grow gradually if you own a business. Faking it does hurt in the long run.

Live Without Social Media; Take A Break

Lastly, we should stay off social media for good. Give yourself a sabbatical leave to fuel up. For the sake of your eyes and mental health, go unplugged for a few days and get engaged in the real world. You answer to no one online. If you must stay online, get productive. Start something new, learn a digital skill or find a new hobby. Trust me; anyone can live without social media; you need to change your mindset. Here is a helpful post on staying away from the internet

Does social media affect you positively or negatively? Do share your opinions in the comments’ box below.