The Challenges and What To Do While Practising Social Distancing

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The month of March 2020 proved to be the most prolonged and uncertain month in my existence; Definitely not the 2020 we hoped and prayed for. The world is currently experiencing a challenge. It’s merely the 4th month of the year, and we are all scrambling to survive. This is the perfect definition of unforeseen circumstances because the world never saw it coming.

The Challenges and What To Do While Practising Social Distancing 4

How are you surviving this pandemic outbreak?

It’s not easy for anyone, but I can assure you that it’s more difficult for some than others. While most people are getting the healthcare they deserve, many others are pleading for a right they may never enjoy. Whichever is your case, understand that we will scale through this in no time. Today will be history, and gracefully, we will live to tell tales.

What It’s Like in a Third World Country

This is likely the worst time to be citizens of a third world country. My intentions aren’t to make fun of these countries, but to entail the challenges of an average human trying to survive the pandemic in them.

It is sad, really saddening to note that despite the widespread of the coronavirus, there are still uninformed people living in my country. There are four sets of individuals noted below in this trying time;

  • The Distributors: This makes up the group that unintentionally put others at risk. The mode of transfer is the primary reason for lockdown across the world. It also prompted the #stayathome policy.
  • The Uninformed: This set knows nothing about Covid-19 Virus. They do not know of the severity of this illness. For some weird reasons, these set of people may not know about the pandemic until the end of the global attack.
  • The Disbelievers: Everything about the virus is a lie to this group of people. They relate all updates to scams and mere illusions. To them, it’s only an attempt by politicians or the government to extort money and enrich themselves.
  • The Informed: The set of people know about the virus and roughly everything surrounding it. Some may have more knowledge than others, but they all agree and believe in the severity of the illness. We can subgroup this set into there more kinds as overviewed below;
    • The Religious Bigots: It’s saddening, but some people believe that they are immune to the pandemic shaking the world because they are believers of a faith. Some go as far as preaching that the disease only came for the wicked and unbelievers as a punishment from God.
    • The Nonchalant: Despite the global fear and panic, some people have no choice but to live with the fear and go about their daily activities. You cannot blame this subgroup because a higher percentage of the 3rd world populace survive on daily sales of their small businesses. The smart ones try to protect themselves from the pandemic by observing healthy practices.
    • Those Taking All Preventive Measures: This is likely the group any sane human should fit into. There are lots of verified information, teaching us to stay safe. Sadly, only a handful practice these preventive measures. The elites and averages mostly fit into this group. They are buoyant enough to stock up and stay away from the pandemic sweeping the earth.

Total Lockdown; Challenges of Being in A Third World Country

  • Lack of and misuse of relief materials. There’s always that person reducing relieve materials by a large percentage.
  • Poor health care facilities.; I’ve read cases of people left in poor isolation centres.
  • Power outrage. Most times, we go days without power supply.
  • Poor internet connection. How are we supposed to survive this without that?!
  • Low-income earners make up the masses. Most individuals manage small scale business that relies on others to strive.
  • Uninformed masses. There are too many people lacking knowledge of the situation on ground.
  • Unemployed citizens. How do people survive with no money to stock up homes?

An average Nigerian rants and wishes the country was ready for this sudden outbreak. But in the real sense, she isn’t. We are left at the mercy of God and personal efforts. Read the rants of a Nigerian following the pandemic spread.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Time?

Following the partial shutdown of the world, we are left with very little but full access to the internet and family or friends. Half the world population is sitting at home seeing movies, tolerating each other and surfing the web. Below are some of the best ways to make the most out of your time until everything is over.

  • While you’re practising this worldwide social distancing, take it in good fate and get closer to your family or whomever you are enjoying the lockdown with.
  • There’s no better time to look within and work on yourself than now. Nobody is perfect, and you have a chance to fix up some imperfections.
  • The worldwide lockdown brought with itself crazy trends. People have invented and revived challenges to stay sane and happy. Join the fun, keep your sanity intact.
  • Check up on friends. You’ll probably not see each other in a long time, so connect with them and keep the fire burning.
  • Study if you’re a student. Exam questions are going to be crazy after this.
  • Write a story. We catch fun in different ways. If literature is your thing, write a fantastic story. You could be the main character in an apocalyptic book.
  • Devour every book you’ve always wanted to read.
  • Start a blog. There’s no better time to start a blog than now. There’s little or no excuse standing in your way.
  • Earn a degree by taking an online course. If you are financially buoyant for this, do it!
  • Amidst every other thing, you can keep yourself busy by learning new skills.

The Challenges and What To Do While Practising Social Distancing 5

Better days ahead

Start the new month with every atom of positivity, hopes of a better tomorrow and a brain ready to get skilled up.

Be wary of news and information you read or listen to. There are too many hearsays flying here and there. Always confirm reports before spreading.

Get Updates about the Virus and Stay Safe

While you’re staying safe and keeping your sanity alive, always take out time to get updates about how situations are going. The links below will help you stay up to date with verified and genuine information about the Pandemic.