Where to Get Support for Male Sexual Abuse

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Men who experience sexual abuse are often too ashamed to speak up about being a victim, even though it wasn’t their fault. It can be especially difficult for men to open up and seek the support that they need due to social stigma. However, there is specialized support available for male victims of sexual abuse. You can choose whichever form you are comfortable with.

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Call a Male Sexual Abuse Helpline

The first step for many male sexual abuse survivors is to call a confidential helpline. It can help just to talk out loud about the abuse and its consequences on an advisor who can also point survivors to more resources. Speaking to professionals who can empathize, listen and believe the survivor can help validate them and put them on the path towards recovery.

Read a Self-Help Guide for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Some men prefer to keep their experience private and try to follow guidance on their own. It is important for men to know that they are not alone and there is no shame in speaking up, but the option is there if they would rather work through it on their own terms and their own time. There are plenty of self-help guides for male survivors to read online or to download.

Counselling or Therapy for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Whether it is one-on-one counselling or group therapy, it is often beneficial for survivors of male sexual abuse to talk to professionals and/or other survivors as part of the process of recovery. It can be helpful for the loved ones of survivors to attend counselling with them or in specific groups to better understand what happened to them and how to support them. 

Report Male Sexual Abuse to the Police

Guilt and shame often prevent male survivors of sexual abuse from reporting the crime to the authorities. It is always the victim’s choice whether they report their experience or not. However, reporting a sexual abuser can help to prevent them from abusing anyone else.

It isn’t too late to report childhood sexual abuse, as the police can investigate historical sexual abuse claims. To report sexual abuse to the police, you can go to a police station or call 101. Reporting the case to the police is necessary to get compensation for sexual assault claims.

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    February 14, 2020 at 10:27 pm

    Helpful info. I was unaware there is a support platform for sexually abused men.Although women are more of a victim. Nice knowing about this.

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