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If you are reading this, then I suppose that you have something great to write about for us! You are welcome to blogtrovert, need to Submit guest post?

Blogtrovert is well over 1 year, she’s growing rapidly and of course you are welcome to write, as she’s ready to have your posts published.

Below are a few tips to get you started

  1. If you are not familiar with the Blogtrovert blog, then it’s suggested that you take a walk through the website in order to understand what can and cannot be published therein.
  2. We accept posts in the following categories
    • Lifestyle
    • Blogging tips
    • Make money ideas
  3. Quality is taken seriously, therefore, articles you intend submitting should be of great quality and free from plagiarism. Be original. Do not submit scraped or recycled content.
  4. Posts submitted to Blogtrovert should be unique and made for her alone. No duplicates, before or in the future.
  5. Use images you own, have rights or permission to use. Avoid picking random images up from the internet. Also use quality and eye catching images preferably 700 * 1050 or 600 * 600.
  6. We implore that articles be made up of at least 500 or more meaningful words that can keep a reader glued.
  7. You are allowed to include 1-3 links, so long they aren’t affiliate, referral or sales link.
  8. Add a short bio with 2-4 links to your social profiles and a photo of of you.
  9. While posting to submit guest posts, use an email address you can easily access to aid communication.

Submit Guest Post

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