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Stricter Youtube Partnership Program Rules a big hit on Upcoming Vloggers

January 18, 2018

Youtube partnership program rule

So YouTube hit me real hard this time, but I’m nothing close to giving up. I have been contemplating getting serious with vlogging but thanks to me! I kept on postponing and procrastinating, now the new stricter Youtube Partnership Program rules has given me a big reason to sit up and pull the bull by the horn.

To think that I recently added vloggging on youtube to 1 of the 5 ways to make money online in 2018

Most of you might not know what I’m talking about, especially if you have absolutely no interest in vlogging or starting a vlog. Well, give me the honour to break the sad news to you that google has somehow gotten stricter, and they have increased the limit to new channels hoping to monetize their videos!

Youtube Partnership Program Rules

Initially, google rolled out a rule that vloggers needed to amass at least 10,000 views before their channel gets considered for monetization. This happened roughly 9 months ago! Now, literally in addition to the 10,000 views, without getting mistaken, as a new vlogger, users will also need to attain 1000 YouTube subscribers and amass at least 4000 hour watch time on videos within the last 12 months!

Okay, this is definitely really going to be tasking and challenging especially for super new and intending vloggers. There is currently only few strong YouTube alternatives and the best bet is to switch to any of the YouTube alternatives or start some serious vlogging… Now you’ll have to eradicate procrastination and the infamous camera shyness.

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It’s difficult I know. Newbies are always at the receiving end. We get all the strokes but that doesn’t mean growing isn’t achievable… I have bumped into YouTube channels that were built in less than a year. So, a bit of interesting and consistent uploads can surely do the trick.

Right now, the simple thing to do is face the challenge if you really want to become a vlogger.

Overlook your fears and get started already. This Youtube Partnership Program rules actually is a great way to supercharge slumbering vloggers… Lol

Hopefully the next misle doesn’t get directed at bloggers next!

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