Strategic Ways To Boost Your Blog Traffic

Strategic Ways To Boost Your Blog Traffic 5

There are numerous unanswered questions about blogging and traffic. You may have thought of boosting your blog traffic but have never had a reason to think twice about utilising some of the favourite things you use online actually to increase your blog traffic

Just a Simple Question;

What encourages you to blog more?

My guess would be;

Traffic and user engagement!

An average blogger and most new bloggers hunger and thirst for more views on their blogs! The reasons for attempting to boost one’s blog traffic are numerous. The fact that better views are encouraging makes this a necessity.

Isn’t it heartbreaking that after striving day and night to publish a new post, you get stuck with little or no views at all?
Some bloggers go extra miles seeking for traffic, so they indulge in black hat SEO which along the way, wrecks their blogging career. Black hat SEO is not a good practice, thus not recommended!

Before you think of traffic, Work for Quality and Authenticity

Does your blog deserve to be described as authentic and Qualitative?

If no, then you need to work on this first before crying out for massive views. The content on your blog matters a whole lot more than the traffic you seek endlessly.
You don’t just stack your blog with quantitative posts which have little or no impact on your readers. Quality brings back readers.
A topic may not be new, but your content obviously should be. This topic being treated have been written about as many times as possible but what makes each post stand put from the other? Uniqueness!
Don’t go copying and pasting someone else’s article and hope for some good outcome. It doesn’t always work that way! Be real and Unique! Let your article be free of plagiarism. If you must write something not so new, do it in a new direction and perspective.

One more thing;

Your blog posts matter a lot, and they hold your blog’s success. Let your posts be significant and meaningful to those it targets. Once your blog beats this reach, then you can proceed to worry about your blog traffic despite your good practices.

How To Drive Real Traffic To Your Blog

Now let’s go over the unusual and practical strategies that you could employ to drive genuine traffic to your blog.
Below are some practical strategies that can help you drive traffic to your blog.

1. Go Social.

The social media shouldn’t go short of your new posts. Always share your posts to your social media accounts. You can use auto-publishing tools like IFTTT to auto-post new articles to your social profiles once you publish a new post.
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  • You should create and grow a community on social media if you don’t have any yet.
  • There is no rule which states that you shouldn’t share your blog content more than once; Keep sharing! Once, twice in a week or as much as you want in a month.
  • Whatsapp, Skype, Telegram and a host of other chat apps you utilise often can be used to link to your new posts.
  • Sites like Pinterest can boost your post readership. Make your images pinnable and your posts shareable to Pinterest.
  • You can share your posts on Google communities related to your blogging niche.
  • Join Facebook groups that are relevant to your blog, create your group, create a page and promote your newly published post.
  • Share your posts on Twitter with relevant hashtags.

2. Comment on Blogs

I have visited lots of blogs from the comment section of some blogs. While you share your views on a post, you can leave a link back to your blog with non-deceptive titles. Although most bloggers do not allow links in their comment section, several others allow reasonable connections.

This practice can be a good way of boosting your blog traffic as some readers might get interested in your blog and visit. When making use of comment sections on other blogs, avoid spamming, Google hates spam.

3. Be an active member of Forums

Forums are great when it comes to building your readership and traffic because you can add posts from your blog which may interest most of their members.
Members who read your posts may get interested in your site if you add a link back to your blog beneath every post you create. Some forums allow signatures which appear beneath a members comment or post; you can add your blog post title and link there.
A link in your profile is also an active way to promote your blog. Be an active member of a good forum and boost your blog traffic.

4. Guest Post

Guest posting is a fantastic way of moving your blog to greater heights. Write guest posts on sites that target the kind of readers you need and be sure your posts are relevant to them. Publishing a post on other blogs not only boost your traffic but your relevance online.

5. Use Relevant Keyword in your posts

This is something we still need to get acquainted with! Keywords are essential when it comes to blogging. If your post contains relevant keywords that people search for, you expose your blog to the online communities of readers and searchers.
Your post title should not be short of a keyword. Through keyword integrations, Google and other search engine get an independent overview of what your post centres on.

6. Work on your blog design and layout

Your blog design matters a lot in building your online presence and encouraging visits.
I wouldn’t revisit a site with tacky and stale designs. You should arrange your blog correctly if you don’t know how to, hire a professional. Don’t use extremely loud colours or too many colours either.
Make your blog design responsive, so it fits into any device screen it is viewed on. Always make sure your posts have share buttons.
Above all, Be a diligent and consistent Blogger that knows what his/her audience needs. To discover more traffic boosting hacks, check out the 349 hacks to Increase Website Traffic on DublinSeo.


Be consistent, post regularly if your niche desires you to do so. When you don’t post often, your readers will dwindle. Also when your posts are meaningful and insightful, readers will always revisit. Thus, Create catchy Post titles, know your audience, be friendly and publish regularly.