6 Activities That’ll Help You Stay Sane Amid Challenges

Manage mental health

Is your mental health taking a toll on you?

You are not alone!

I have had to ask myself if everything was 100% okay with me or it was simply me living in self-denial and ignoring everything that could have been messing with my head. 2020 has to be the worst year for most of us, especially the z generation and up. The crazy incidents that unfolded through the year made me realise how important it is to have yourself mentally intact and capable.

Too many events sprang up and messed with our heads. This year came like a ticking time bomb and everything surrounding its bizarreness wouldn’t be forgotten in a long time. If you have been in the center of all the unwrappings of 2020, you will have understood the importance of your physical well-being as well as your mental health.

A beautiful mindset is priceless, I bet most of us learnt that the hard way. How can one’s thoughts be filled with traumatic experiences, incidents, news and all? It’s crazy, but it happened and staying sane is all that matters for the future.

Everything and More Messing With Our Heads

First, the year started with a pandemic that spread round the world in short notice with rising death tolls. Next, people battled with hardship due to job losses and wrecked businesses, half the world shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Then, there was the widespread depressing video of violence against a black man in the United States which prompted the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement. Let’s not forget the Australian fire, J.K Rowling’s saga and the one that concerns me directly, the movement against police brutality and bad governance in my beloved country, Nigeria which is still highly controversial.

The year is a total mess but, I’d rather call it a messy revolutionary year. The world is less busy, and people are beginning to open up about things they’ve likely lived with and ignored. These outbursts are definitely good but also dangerous and traumatising. While there’s enough time in everyone’s hand to combat more than the pandemic, our minds are getting messed up with each passing day. The news is scary, the things happening around us are troubling, people died and are dying in thousands, yet, the future is unknown.

6 Activities That'll Help You Stay Sane Amid Challenges 1

Now, enough of the recap which I may have probably recalled shortly and missed a few others, but I believe you understand how unfortunate 2020 has been. The above is a perfect presentation of how our mental health suffers due to occurrences we can hardly control.

How Do We Stay Mentally Healthy In Depressing Moments?

The things we hear and see have a way of affecting us accordingly. Funny movies make you laugh, scary movies give you the cringe, and sorrowful movies make you cry. In real life, bad things tend to hurt us mentally. That’s why you feel a big lump in your chest when you try to hold back your agony.

The truth is, too many things are messing with people’s heads and affecting them mentally. But, to win over whatever it is that bothers you, your mental health has to be in check. We need our sanity to think straight and procure solutions to problems.

So, What do you do to stay mentally stable and sane amidst everything that sets you on thorny paths?

To those of us fighting more than the global pandemic, here are some 6 things I do and recommend you try to keep your head flared up for the challenges ahead.

Filter Social Media Contents

While it is important to keep tabs with the happenings around us, it’s also crucial to note that the kind of news we read, the type of media we view tends to affect us accordingly. With everything going on now, social media and news websites are one of the easiest places to stay updated with the events around the world. Despite the positives associated with these mediums, at some point, we need a break from the negatives.

You shouldn’t feel guilty about wanting to stay away from the news, social media and all. Sometimes you have to be selfish; it’s your mental health in the picture. Refuel and stay away from anything messing with your head. You’ll need your sanity to stay in contact with the world. Review contents and filter everything graphic and sensitive. You could simply stay away from major news and media platforms until you are strong enough to handle more world craziness.

Keep Tabs With Family and Friends

Families almost always give us reasons to stay alive and healthy. You know you’ve got people praying to see you happy every day. It’s important to stay closer to your family and friends in times like this. First to reassure them of your safety especially when you are far from their warmth and to remind yourself that there are still beautiful things worth living for.

Enjoy Moments With Movies

To be honest, I have never been a movie person until now. We need every positive distraction we can get, and movies are just perfect. See more fun movies and keep your mind busy so it doesn’t wander off into bad memories. Go with whatever genre you enjoy. I’ll always recommend comedies and of course cartoons. No better time to enjoy some childlike moments than now.

Choose wisely, I must say, don’t go seeing movies related to the happenings around because you’ll be doing a lot just to further mess up your crawling thoughts. Stick with happy endings that’ll fuel your mindset positively. After all, that’s why you needed to see a movie!

Rejuvenate Happy Memories

It’ll be sad if we let ourselves sink in with the unfriendliness of the world today. The first part of you that the world messes with is your thoughts. From there, you do the rest and work according to the polluted mindset you’ve been left with.

Now, this is why we fight to keep our heads above water, so we don’t go on the turbo self-distrust mode. There is hardly anyone without beautiful and happy memories. There has to be something that ignites a smile and steals you away from the sadness spreading drastically. To keep our mental health in check, we can try to employ happy memories as a control mechanism in order to stay sane.

Employ Mantras

I never placed importance on mantras until they worked for me. We see mantras as mere stack of words but the magic they perform on our minds is out of this world. Mantras are affirmations that can inspire, motivate and change mindsets. You will likely not know how beautifully they work on you until they actually fix something missing inside. Magical!

The only rule to seeing them work for you is to try. Choose a good mantra or mantras and say them every day. Trust me they work. You are not reciting motivational quotes or living on some empty inspirational words. Mantras are more, they are realistic sayings to repeat to positively impact your mind. It’s you putting words together to encourage and fixate positivity in your thoughts.

If you hardly know what mantras are, read my post on how I found a mantra that changed my life for good. You can also check out some beautiful daily mantras to repeat to your lovely self every day the need to go negative swings into your mind.

Learn a New Skill

You can learn as many skills as you deem fit, some for the fun of it, others for their financial gains. Skills come in handy at different times, you should never underestimate their importance. To keep yourself busy and mind at peace, learn a new skill or something related. We have youtube, a vast database of helpful videos. The platform houses millions of videos in different niches. You can learn almost anything online these days. All that’s required is some enthusiasm and readiness to gain some new knowledge.

Apart from the free platform, there are a bunch of other free and premium platforms you can subscribe to for tutorials and courses free from distractions. Here are some digital skills and great places to learn them at your convenience.

Now We Are Here

We can only live life as it comes, hope for the best and pray things go back to normal. That’s all you and I can do when we have absolutely no control of what happens next. Your mental health is important and invaluable.