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Applications You Need If You Blog With Your SmartPhone

January 15, 2017Joseph O.
must have blogging applications

A good number of bloggers actually blog with their smartphones, how ever unbelievable it may be…
Who’s a blogger without a laptop?
A blogger with a smartphone… Lol

Although blogging with your smartphone may be difficult, that’s if you are a newbie in using your phone as your blogging tool…

So, Here I will listing 10 Applications every blogger using a smart phone need to have…
They are free in Google play store and some can be found in the Apple store…

1. WPS office
WPS is an amazing application for writing… It’s similar to Microsoft office but not as well packaged and qualitative but for a smart phone app, it’s just perfect enough… More on WPS office

2. Blogit
This application could be useful to bloggers whose blogs are hosted on the blogspot platform and obviously hate the official blogger app…

3. WordPress
The WordPress smart phone app is a total opposite of the blogger official smart phone app… It’s handy and works for bloggers blogging on the self hosted or hosted WordPress.

4. Dictionary
Every one needs a dictionary and There are lots of dictionary online suitable for your need…

5. Sinium Seo

Seo applications are basic and definitely needed by bloggers… There are tones of SEO applications but here now, I’m suggesting Sinium SEO as it holds lots of features you’d love, ranging from Alexa rank checker, mobzrank checker, page authority checker and a whole lot more.
This application can be found in Google playstore…

6. Notebooks
Though not as cool as WPS office, Notebooks comes in handy and can also help you make a quick draft, list of intending topics and more…

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7. PicsArt
What’s a blog post without a picture? Boring I guess… Well, too bad bloggers using smart phones do not have access to Photoshop but don’t fret, PicsArt is here for you. PicsArt is a beautiful photo editing and creating tool… You can edit or write on photos with PicsArt… You can create your own unique picture with PicsArt…

8. Ifttt

If you are a blogger and haven’t heard of ifttt, then I think you have now… Ifttt is amazing and very useful when it comes to automatically sharing your blog posts to different social media platforms… You automatically post to Facebook, Facebook pages, twitter, reddit, LinkedIn, tumblr, Pinterest and a whole lot of others at the same time by scheduling them to work with your published blog posts… More on Ifttt

9. Postcron

Some times we want to post 1 stuff to different platforms and wish to do so at once. Well good thing Postcron can do the trick… You post or schedule posts to Facebook, twitter, Google and more all at once…

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Comments (2)

  • Anonymous

    March 6, 2017 at 2:28 pm

    Thank You for this, is super cool.

  • Chuks Amobi

    February 26, 2017 at 2:51 pm

    Thanks for your recommendations. I will try BlogIt today.

    I write about Android Apps and phones

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