Simple Blogging Rules To Boost Your Blog

Last Updated On: February 14, 2020Nomzy
blogging rules

Blogging is cute, Blogging is adorable but it also is heart-aching especially when you’ve run out of blog topics!

  • What do I blog about?
  • What will my audience love?
  • How do I place my article?

Isn’t it so heart aching? I guess it is… However, a good blogger wouldn’t keep complaining, rather he/she will start acting.

There are a few things to consider before you write a blog post.

  • Usefulness to the audience.
  • Relevance to you.
  • Correlate with your niche.
  • Relevance to your site.

Your blog is there to serve your audience and not you. What happens when you create a post and get little or no views? Yikes! must be irritating I presume.

Whenever you are about to write an article, your readers should be your priority, because, without them, your blog is nothing.

When I say relevance to you, I mean, to your knowledge.

You don’t just write for the sake of writing, but write because you know what you are writing about.

You don’t just take a step without full knowledge of what you are getting faced with, in this context. Always research.

What’s your blogging niche?

  • Do you blog about health when you are obviously a tech blogger?
  • Does your presumed article meet your niche standard?
  • Your blog topics should revolve around your niche, that way, you can build a better audience.

Your site is built on your posts

Don’t go posting nothing meaningful just to boost your blog posts but post to boost the relevance of your blog. It’s not a post building game but rather an authority building game. Write a blog post for your audience and not for content enlargement.

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