Why Sharing Your Problems is never a bad idea

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Why Sharing Your Problems is never a bad idea 1

I am in no position to tell you how to live your life. I have not even gotten a hold of mine yet. Apparently I am still scrambling and trying to get my whole existence in place. But then, we both know that we need to hear some truth. Life has taken the better part of us and obviously, we have unknowingly become a slave to our challenges.

I really want to throw in inspirational or motivational lines but, come on! I am more or less like you. We are literally experiencing similar if not the same challenge, fighting a common enemy “LIFE STRUGGLES”. If I ever want to drop some lines, it would be for me and probably anyone willing to listen and better still share their problems too. If there is anything that I want to graduate from, it’s ranting and documenting my challenges to sharing actual SELF-HELP tips that worked for me. I want to be that person.

Why Opening Up Is Great!

Apart from sharing my make money attempts, blogging tips and shopping experiences, I do want to share more positive lifestyle posts. We all have challenges, but the ability to overcome them makes us whom we crave to be. I have moved from being super shy to being brave enough to tip off my challenges online. At least it is a step to something better. Recently I feel better opening up and saying ‘HEY, THIS IS IT’.

Before we get distracted, I am not here to rant or share my challenges, I am actually here to give you few reasons why opening up about your problems is never a bad idea. There is no law that says we have to do everything ourselves or stay locked up in our challenge.

Is Sharing Your Problems Advisable?

This is life, no one is ever alone in a trouble. We barely know this, but chances are someone in your shoe is closer to you than you actually know. I became at peace with myself when I finally accepted the fact that I am not alone. Someone somewhere has similar issues. It’s not strange, the world is a global village!

You are never alone and definitely not helpless unless you don’t spill it. Before I published this post, I went web surfing, finding similar posts and met with a few “DO NOT SHARE YOUR PROBLEMS”. I mean there are amazing reasons for this suggestion but from experience, not sharing your problem at all does more harm than any good. I’m pretty sure you are familiar with the saying, “A PROBLEM SHARED IS A PROBLEM HALF SOLVED”. You might not get the solution you need, but it’s a start.

Overcome The Feeling Not To

Once upon a time, I’d rather sneak into my shell, struggle with my problems and remain all smiles outwardly. I have always been scared of confiding in people. I lived by this ideology; “EVERYONE HAVE THEIR OWN PROBLEMS TO DEAL WITH”, so why trouble them with mine? Don’t be me.

As someone who once had to share even my craziest problem and my issue with depression with a friend, I discovered that disclosing your struggles is never a bad idea. The only rule governing the ‘TELL OTHERS’ is to share only with the right persons. Sadly, you can rarely tell good from bad until you take the leap.

Be Selective Of who you confide in

It’s sad, but awful people exist. Some we call friends. Sometimes we might feel our friends are the best people to confide in, but trust me, that’s almost wrong. Chances are you’ve got friends that actually don’t care about you or your troubles. “20% don’t care and the other 80% are glad you have them” – your problems.

Be selective of people you share your struggles with. You know your friends better than I would. So the ball is in your court.

What to do Before spilling the Tea

  • Choose a great listener
  • Be sure you want to share your problems
  • Trust whomsoever you’ve chosen
  • Be ready for the worse and best
  • Understand that you will have to respect the confidants’ replies and suggestions even if you disagree.

Remember that a problem shared is half solved. Share only with responsible people and kindly stop letting your worries eat you up.

Why Sharing Your Problems is never a bad idea 2

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