Planning Ahead For The New Year; My Top 5 2021 Goals

So basically, we’ve all been clamouring for the new year like switching over would bring a halt to the pandemic and ills of 2020. Truth is, it doesn’t matter if we can’t see ahead of the year, which of course I hope is good, we still have to be hopeful and positive about life.

New Year Goals

Everything seems to be happening fast and we can only move with the change or stay behind in misery. In a bid to advance with the changes this period brings, we need to work with goals that will enable us to advance with the movement.

This is me saying to myself – I don’t want to begin the new year with resolutions, but I don’t plan on going in blindly.

Setting Goals You Can Achieve

I’ve had issues with planning and organizing myself, so, I’m making amends for the year to come. To help myself grow, I’m not only setting realistic and achievable goals. I also plan on documenting my progress as they come.

As much as I want to evolve exponentially, I have to be realistic with my goals. In the past, saying tons of things I wanted to achieve were as easy as mincing words. Truth is, statements don’t do justice to the complexity of achieving goals. You can aim for a lot without realising them because it’s all so easy to say and imagine.

5 Goals For The New Year

Of all my goals, I picked 5 to work on in the coming year and I have promised not to put myself under any pressure. So, it’s just me, nurturing and working with these goals until the year runs out. My top 5 goals for 2021;

Watch me go over my goals.

  • Build my confidence
  • Become a better content creator
  • Make more sales from print on demand.
  • Become better with digital art
  • Make more money online

I would have looked at the aforementioned goals as some simple to-dos but growth’s made me see beyond assumptions.

Rough Overview of How I Plan To Achieve My Goals

I do a lot of journaling and documentation,so I’ve drafted out plans on paper. To ease up everything, I selected carefully the platforms I hope to grow with. My blog, YouTube, redbubble, medibang and a few others.

Build My Confidence

If you are an avid reader of my blog, you’ll have known how much of a battle I’ve had with building my confidence. I’ve made tremendous progress, but there’s more that needs to be done. In 2021, I’ll be going further beyond the usuals.

Lately, I’ve hopped on YouTube and so far, with 2 videos of myself, I’ve gone steps ahead in building my self-confidence. One thing I want to do more is walk with fear. It will take time, but we will get there.

Become a Better Content Creator

First, I’ll do more writing and reading to build My vocabulary, then I’ll work on my SEO skills. Jumping into YouTube is likely one of the most challenging things I did in 2020. I’d love to make it a beautiful success story. So, I’ll do more YouTube content that aligns with my blog.

YouTube is one great place to build skills; I’ve subscribed to channels and bookmarked videos I believe will influence my growth in the platform.

Here’s to becoming a better content creator!

Make More Sales From Print On Demand

It’s crazy how I discovered print on demand in 2019 and can’t boast of gigantic sales. No, it doesn’t work that way. It takes time, efforts and consistency, but I’ve not given print on demand any of the above. The plan is to understand this venture and put in what’s required to make it work.

Become Better With Digital Art

Digital art, specifically vector illustration is one digital skill I hope to be better with. I am also looking to know more about typography and lettering since I enjoy combining texts. The fact that this hobby comes into play when I’m procrastinating is something I definitely need to work on.

This is self explanatory. It’s straight to the point, but I’m going to reiterate; I want to make more money online! What method do I plan to make with? I’d be going harder on the things I’ve done earlier for money. Blogging, Freelancing, Print on demand and blog services I offer.

Make More Money Online

Make Plans Before the New Year

I’m not a fan of resolutions but I don’t term them bad, it just feels like some yearly ritual we forget about after the 1st or 2nd month. Resolutions are not worth the stress unless it’s all for fun. So guys, if you aren’t jumping into the bandwagon of resolution makers, you still have 9 days to strategize and map out your goals before 2021.

Compliments of the Season!