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Hey there,
Looking to create an outstanding look for your blog?
We all know how important a blog is and the need to create a unique feel of your blog cannot be overlooked and If you’ve ever wanted to create a beautiful blog for your niche using blogger but don’t know how to go about it, I’d be glad to be at you service for a token.
My blog’s theme was personally customized to my taste using html, CSS and JavaScript, because, I didn’t really like the default blogger theme. Creating my own template took time and energy, but in the long run, it was all worth it!

~ Responsive layout- I could make your blog responsive at request!
~ Auto read more button – It’s really neck breaking to manually add read more to every post 
you make! Well, I’m at your service.
~ Breadcrumbs in post page- If you know what breadcrumbs are, you wouldn’t want your blog standing without them.
~ Related posts widget – There are tons of related post widgets online, but mine is arguably the bomb! #winks
~ Classic share buttons
~ Stylish about me widget
~ Beautiful labels design
~Numbered page navigation
~Post page navigation with post titles
~Responsive dropdown menu with search and social buttons
~Custom footer credits free of blogger attribution.

~ Customize your default blogger template
~ Create a responsive blogger template
~ Add important blogger widgets to your blog
~ Add needed plugins to your blog some of which are;
~ Social lock widgets
~ Image slider
~ Popup subscription box
~ Bootstrap contact form

    Below are images of my recent pre-made blogger template TESH

    For pricing of or questions, kindly contact me using the available contact details below.
    Send an email to

    I’d be so glad to hear from you
    Joseph O. –
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