Recapping The Year; 2018 in Review

Recapping The Year; 2018 in Review

Last Updated On: February 10, 2020Nomzy

It seems just like yesterday when we ushered in 2018!
Now, we are less than a week to a whole new year.
While we await a new year, we bid another farewell. And as usual, it is time to reminisce and reflect on all that has happened before the year finally runs out and ushers us into a brand new one.

So far, So Good

  • How has 2018 been to you?
  • How did your plans play out?

Pretty sure that there are people with tons of achieved goals and others with unachieved goals.
Either way, it’s only normal to be glad that we are here again, expecting a new year.

My 2018 In Review

Last year was a pretty impressive year and this can be seen in my 2017 review. I wished this year got better but then, It came and it’s leaving with me alive and kicking.

I would like to thank everyone who’s been part of my 2018, I am super grateful to have a few friends who are worth looking up to.

How Did 2018 play out?

Truth be told, my 2018 was not as amazing as my 2017, but I did achieve something outstanding this year, which is leaving the university.
There is not much to go round and round about but it was surely a long year, yet I can not seem to find anything spectacular about this sweet year.

What happened?
What didn’t?

The Good

Leaving School

One of the best things that happened to me this year is the fact that I rounded up my 4-year course in school, hopefully successfully. Being in school wasn’t all that neck breaking, but it was something I couldn’t wait to leave behind. Yeah, I’m a sucker for education, or let’s say I’m a sucker for education missing comfort.

Hopefully, I will get to serve my father’s land in 2019. Surprisingly, I’m looking up to this day and I literally can’t wait to see myself in khaki and white. Lol.

Becoming A Better Blogger

Though this isn’t something to go all crazy about, I’m still happy to note that my blogging game took a whole new level, and yes, I recently deleted old posts.

Apparently, it took me to 2 years to realize that I had quite a lot of crappy posts and a few days to understand that I needed to delete these posts or update potentially good contents.
Currently, in still trying the much I can do to prepare my blog, my best friend for the new year and I hope it turns out better in 2019.

Got A Direct Paid Gig for the Blog

So, in December 2018, I made $100 through my blog and this has given me so much ginger that makes me want to improve on my blog and take her to the next level. Getting a direct getting means she’s getting noticed, at least to a few
Maybe I’m much of a procrastinator, but I think I can do it this time.

Learning To Connect

Should this even be an achievement?
Because I obviously still suck at connecting with people but then, I’m becoming better and currently learning to socialize with others.

The Bad

Crippled Startup

Did I ever mention that I wanted to start up a little business?
I guess not
Maybe I was not ready, I did not have the funds to start up and I equally didn’t know how to raise funds for my startup just yet.
Hopefully, the new year gets fruitful enough for my plans and ideas.

Low Side hustle opportunities

I’d be damned if I say I wasn’t disappointed with the number of side hustles I was privileged to take part in. Though they were something, they were not as fruitful as the 2017’s.


I’ve been battling procrastination and I’m not happy to place it here yet again, but then it’s one of the many weaknesses I have been fighting or rather claiming to fight every day.
I hope I get to leave this ugly habit behind me while we usher in 2019.

Waiting For 2019

What’s my resolution?

If you read my blog in January, you’d probably read a post where I detailed reasons as to why I do not make resolutions. So, I don’t make resolutions, at least not anymore.

Any Goals?

Become a Shameless Vlogger

In as much as I do not make resolutions any more, I do have a few things I would like to be better at and one of them is becoming a proud vlogger who wouldn’t make videos then delete them afterwards.
If there’s anything I want in 2019, it would be to vlog shamelessly. I probably would have been better in creating videos if I had continued after dropping a few laughable videos on my YouTube channel in 2018.

Become a Better Blogger

In as much as I improved greatly in blogging, I’d like to do even more. This year, I was able to rejuvenate my blog and I am hoping that in 2019, I will improve on it even better.
My writing improved drastically and I’m grateful for that, but I definitely want to be better.

Become independent

It’s Africa, a lot of us still live with our family and hope we didn’t have to, not because it’s very awful, but because we do not want to keep feeling like some bunch of burdens.
Whilst there are a few times I get to enjoy being independent, I definitely want to enjoy it all year round. It should be on occasions but every day!


I am a sucker when it comes to socializing with others and I hope it gets better in 2019. I’d love to meet people and make new friends.

How Was your 2018?

You’ve gotten a glimpse of my 2018, now, how was yours?

What are those things you hoped you achieved?

What are the things you wished you didn’t do or could have averted?

Hopefully yours wasn’t as unproductive as mine, but as usual, we will continue keeping a good mindset and hope for the best in the year to come.

Happy New Prosperous Year In Advance.

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