5 Realistic Ways To Make Money Online

make money online 2018

Have you been brainstorming on activities that you can engage yourself in to make money online in 2020 even without a job, not withstanding your geographical location? It definitely isn’t to too late to map out possible ways to make money online in this amazing year, even as a Nigerian.

You have probably come across articles with a list of various ways to make money online but due to circumstances beyond your control, have been unable to delve into the opportunities exposed to you. The about to be listed ways to make money online is totally open to anyone in any country so long you have access Internet data, and a positive mindset.

I will not go overboard, neither will I give you unrealistic make money online methods. They will work for you, as The few I am currently trying out are working for me.

1. Become a Member of Steemit Community

Steemit is probably one of the best way to make money online in 2018! The social media platform is open to anyone with access to internet data. With steemit, you can make money online in Nigeria, Ghana, and a host of other countries enjoying the infamous paypal restrictions.

There is absolutely no limitations to how much you can make on steemit. With the steem community, you do not have to worry about adsense and the other monetization factors. All you need to do is create quality posts that can get people to read and get them upvoted.

Personal Testimony

I made over $400 on steemit within a pace of 1month. I call that my make money online breakthrough. Not to sugarcoat my previous experiences, I have not made that much in a short period since I began blogging. People make more than a million dollars daily on steemit and I do not see why you too can not join the amazing group of persons that have gone steeming.

Steemit is simply a great alternative to Facebook, twitter, medium, reddit and even blogging that pays you for publishing articles. On steemit you get paid to blog or comment. You can even get a few cents for liking people’s posts! My only advice is that you need patience and extreme disgust for plagiarism.

If you have spent a decade on social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, reddit and a host of others, then I bet it’s time you ditch them for a better opportunity on steemit. No hidden charges, join, start creating and earn.

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2. Invest in Cryptocurrencies

cryptocurrencies became popular in 2017 after the ultimate rise of bitcoin from a little more than 0 to over $15,000 in less than 5 years. Bitcoin actually made so many people millionaires in 2017.

If you knew about bitcoin when it was literally nothing but ignored it, then I bet you’d regret you ignored it. There are lots of genuine and promising Cryptocurrencies in the online market which can be invested in and a few of the promising coins include;

  • Ripple
  • Verge
  • Stellar
  • Bitshares
  • Steem
  • Cardano

There are more of them and a good Cryptocurrency monitoring application or website can help expose other promising currencies to you.

By now, you probably know that you need money to invest in Cryptocurrencies and a few dollars can secure certain digital currencies. Personally, I used my steemit earnings to get a few altcoins that I believe are promising.

Note; Never invest more than you can risk.

3. Start Blogging

I can not stress further how much blogging can make you money online. For years, it has topped the list of make money online methods. Trust me, blogging is not overrated, and various people have made a fortune by simply blogging and you too can make money online by starting a creative blog today.

Starting out as a blogger is definitely not difficult and you might only need an internet data to create your blog, because there are a few blogging sites out there that will help you start your first blog. There are also premium blogging platforms like SquareSpace and TypePad that you can use to start out blogging as a complete newbie.

With blogging, you get exposed to various make money online opportunities like Adsense, affiliate marketing, brands looking for influencers, direct advertising and lots more.

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4. Start Vlogging

You know, I have always wanted to start a vlog and I have attempted vlogging a few times but thanks to my self limitations! 2019 is definitely a year to pull the bull by the horn.

Now if you love talking, aren’t camera shy and need to some make money online in 2019, then I think you need to create a YouTube channel and start vlogging. Vlogging is a very lucrative business that can get you more than just a paycheck from Google.

You could get better exposure and even get to entice brands looking for influencers. Vlogging is an alternative to blogging but you can decide to run the two opportunities. There is absolutely no harm in doing such.

5. Affiliate Marketing

I have not really been a fan of affiliate marketing, but this has been for personal reasons that shouldn’t stop you from starting out as an affiliate marketer. If you are extremely good at marketing goods and convincing people to buy products and services, then you’ve got an opportunity to make 2019 a great year.

Affiliate marketing isn’t really difficult if you are good at what you do. A blog, a social fan page and your ability to convince people can be a guaranteed way for you to make money online in 2019. If you are in Nigeria, you might want to consider Konga and Jumia affiliate marketing opportunities.

Also, if you love shopping online, it is time to recommend friends, families and fans to products they might want to use as well.

I have listed my A list of possible ways to make money online in 2019. These opportunities are not limited to a few but everyone.

There are definitely more opportunities to try out but, personally the above listed are my best bet, especially if you have been looking for ways to make money online in nigeria or other countries that come with a few limitations like the famous paypal restrictions.