3 Important Ways To Protect Your Blog from Hackers

A lot of persons do not realise thay their blog is at risk of being hacked. But then, everyday, blogs are prone to hackers. We hear a lot about how businesses need to protect themselves in the online world, and a blogging business is no different.

There are a few different reasons that hackers might want to access your blog;

  • They might want to steal the personal information of you or your subscribers.
  • Post spam content.
  • Steal your content for their own sites
  • Some hackers simply want to close down sites for reasons best known to them.

How To Protect Your Blog From Hackers

It’s a big problem if your blog gets hacked. So, it’s important that you find ways to protect your blog from hackers. If you haven’t thought about the security of your blog before, these are some basic things that you should be doing to protect it.


Use A Strong Password

We all know the importance of using strong passwords, but how many of us actually use passwords that are not easy to guess? Most people use the same simple password for all their accounts. Doing such puts you at risk. It’s less of a problem when your personal accounts are not concerned (although it’s still good to protect yourself) but on your blog, you need to make sure that you’re using a strong password.

By all means, avoid using passwords like “1234 and password1” or anything that is easy to figure out based on personal information like your birthday or name. You need a random series of letters and numbers that has no relation to anything else. To secure your blog better, you need to change your password regularly.

Store Content In The Cloud

If all of your contents are stored on your laptop and nowhere else, you’re going to lose everything if you get hacked. No one deserves to get hacked, but when such happens, getting the affected blog up and running again wouldn’t be an easy task. You could as well be hurt emotionally and possibly lose money. To be on a safer side, ensure that your blog is backed up regularly.

Using a service like SmartRoom’s smartdrive to store all your files in the cloud is highly recommended. Keeping your files in cloud do not prevent you from using them on your PC or laptop as there is a desktop application that enables you work on them while they’re in the cloud. Apparently, there is no need to keep everything on your computer. Cloud services have far better security than your laptop or your hosting space. When a blog that is backed up regularly gets hacked, the owner can easily get it up and running again because, all the contents are securely saved.

Secure Your Email

You should already have security software to protect your computer, but a lot of people forget about their email accounts. You have to remember that in most cases, if someone can get into your email account, they are likely to also get the username and password of your blog. Once they can get into your blog’s backend, they’ll have access to virtually everything. That’s why it’s so important that you secure your email account as well as your blog account. It is advised that you create a separate account for blogging rather than using your existing personal email account. You also need to follow the same password rules that you are using on your blog to make it harder to hack. Do not forget to always use different passwords for different accounts.

If you do these 3 basic recommended hacks to keeping your blog safe, you can protect your blog from hackers and focus more on creating great contents for your subscribers.

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