Journey To Personal Growth: 5 Things To Drop For a Smooth Ride

It’s one thing to want exponential personal growth and another to work towards it. Growth at all levels is an important aspect of our existence we all need to navigate through. If you have experienced stagnant growth for a while, a situation you’d love to shift from; then I believe attempting to outgrow that spot is the only way forward.

Personal growth

Now, how many of us really ever make conscious efforts to leave our current position?

How many of us have made noticeable trials to move from spot A to spot B or even more?

Well, you know the answer, only a few.

Why do a lot of people remain where they are?

There could be several reasons, some round up to be mere excuses clouded by fear.

5 Things That Impede Personal Growth

If you want to grow and make a change to your overall lifestyle, you will need to eliminate progress blockers. While some are fear-induced, others are habits we’ve grown to exhibit despite detesting them. 

Want to begin a journey with self growth? Below are some of the obvious habits and hurdles you need to first overcome.


I’m leaving procrastination as the first habit here because it has earned this spot. You may have come across procrastination a lot on my blog; well, that’s because it is a general battle, and I came to terms with the fact that I needed to change how this attitude controlled my progress.

Spongebob procrastination

Procrastination is so crazy that despite knowing the consequences of your actions, you’ll still manage to enjoy the short lived pleasure. I don’t believe there’s anyone who procrastinates without knowing how disastrous its effects are.

I’ve had a long battle with procrastination and all I can say is; for me, it’s fear induced. Different things make people procrastinate; learning what truly makes you go that route will help put this habit in check. And although the battle may come with slow progress, it’s important you don’t give up.


To begin an amazing personal development journey, you need to drop FEAR. Fear is a natural phenomenon that’s grown to become a nightmare because we seem to let it control us. I understand that fear is an important aspect of our lives, but it becomes a problem when we don’t know how and when to use it.


We are scared of what people have to say, some are scared of being known, others allow people to use their fear against them. Unless it’s about physical or mental harm, do not listen to fear. I know there’s more to simply writing this out, but we need to make some daunting choices to be better. Difficult or not, we have to try.

Self Doubt

Self-doubt is problematic and needs to be erased. You don’t want to sacrifice your years of learning and practicing only to tell yourself “I can’t do it.” This phase of life is saddening because you honestly want to show what you are made of, but a dive at it uncovers the fear of not being enough. Self-doubt leaves you a “scared” overthinking procrastinator.

Trying to change our lives for the better may be difficult, but unless mediocre is a trophy you don’t mind having, try not to settle for less anymore. Stop doubting yourself. Stop projecting failure on yourself. I really can’t overemphasize this; it’s very critical for ‘our’ growth.

Every time I feel anxiety flushing self-doubt down my chest, I remind myself of how lost I’ll be if I sit back and get nurtured by fear. To be better, we need to be stronger. Own up to your fears and work with them.

Your Comfort Zone

While comfort zones lock you out of stress and troubles of the mind, it could prevent you from moving forward. Our comfort zone often becomes too comfortable for us that we’d rather stay put than try to face life. Leaving this zone can prove difficult especially when you are far gone inside. But that doesn’t matter as every step to moving out is progressive.

Comfort zone

Don’t get locked up in that zone, push yourself out, even if it takes numerous trials. Although I can’t promise you an easy battle, if I’ve noticed good progress so far, you can do it. 

You’re Unteachable

You don’t want to be unteachable if you desire growth. Be open to new knowledge, accept criticism, and don’t assume you’ve known all you’ll ever need to know. Taking corrections from people will not make you any less of a human. Sometimes we want to show our prowess for ego’s sake, but that shouldn’t be. Understand that education is an unending factor that directs you to better growth.

To learn, you only need to choose and filter what you take in but don’t block out every new knowledge that comes your way.

Wrapping Up

Coming to terms with my challenges has opened a door of bitter sweet experiences; I am pulling away from habits that do no good and have been figuring out the best ways to move onto a better life.

Progress may be slow, but like you should know, slow progress is still progress. You shouldn’t stay behind with things that don’t help you grow positively.

This post contains just 5 challenges an average person may need to fight to be better, but there are more of these that you should work on for clearer paths. Good luck with your personal growth.


  • Hi home,funny enough i have and do all these things that hinder my growth …it hasn’t been easy to stop procastination especially to leave my comfort zone ..i mean i will be 21 by march and i literally look like a 15 year old and trust me when i say i literally have no idea where the direction of my life is going …tho i have been saving up really bad that i don’t usually dont get anything for myself …but i won’t give up …i will try harder to leave my comfort zone and its not because I’m lazy oo …its just that i haven’t seen any money making opportunities …all the ones i have seen on your blog …i don’t think i am up to that …i think i should stop now lol …anyways thank you

    • Hello Layo, I just want you to know that you are not alone. I write most of my posts because I know a lot of people can relate to these struggles. I am still having my life figured out. Don’t stop, small progress is still progress. You’ll be mad at yourself if the future is you quit now.

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