The Unfought Battle for PERSONAL GROWTH

My blog attracts a wide range of young adults just starting life and looking to make ends meet. Sometimes, I feel horrible for my lack of consistency, but as a young adult, there is a lot happening with me.

The Unfought Battle for PERSONAL GROWTH 1

Our life experiences may differ, but we can draw some similarities;

  • Confused
  • Scared
  • Overzealous and more.

My contents reflect me, my experiences and most especially, my desire to have other people read contents they can relate to. Although these contents come in sparsely, most young adults resonate with them.

I dedicate this post, like every one of its kind on my blog to people with mind-blowing plans they have never worked on.

Knowing What to Do but Never Do

To be honest, my lack of content has nothing to do with writers block. In fact, I have a notepad filled with awesome content ideas. They remain unwritten because I have not schooled myself to do the right things at the right time. To a large extent, procrastinating about creating a new post comes with the ‘who will read this.’ Good news is, I am not alone, and the bad news is; I have limited my growth.

I once wrote a post on ‘habits that impede growth and productivity’ and I must confess, putting words together is beautiful; because you can dig deep into areas you struggle with and not move a muscle afterwards.

How we do we acknowledge our shortcomings and sit still?

Even though you may try to pretend, I can’t deny wanting to change things yet do zero to nothing.

Wanting Change but too Scared to Welcome It

Isn’t it magical?

How do people want a difference so bad but fear change?

It’s crazy how we crave to be better, but going through the path that leads to this change scares us. Maybe it’s the actions we need to take, the habits we must drop, and the comfort we must leave. My comfort zone is soothing, even though I am sick and tired of going in circles.

The Brilliance We Make Useless

While you sing praises to your self-proclaimed intelligence, it is of no use if you leave 90% of your brain power under the radar. We have a lot of brilliant individuals who do not make judicious use of what nature blessed them with. You probably fit into this picture, and no, this is not one of those lines that fall into ‘what looks like a compliment but isn’t.’

“I will” that Never Happens

I quit sharing my plans and next moves when I realized how much of a joke it made me look like. I somewhat concluded that disclosing my intentions stop me from taking actions. My brother once suggested that I stop telling people my plans because I never go through with anything I say. It was an ugly truth; one we dislike hearing but must know.

We make a lot of plans and say a lot of I WILLs but most never see the light of the day. If we kept to plans, we wouldn’t have to be here. It’s 2021, now, we’ve shifted the plans to 2022.

Can We Share Bravery, Please?

We may not be brave, but we can learn to work with FEAR.

While I acknowledge the above; have I learned to work with the almighty fear?

I will rather not answer to such questions, because I am yet to master the art of ‘doing it scared.’

I have a post dedicated to fear and everything it does to us, I need to go read that again! While my efforts with fear have been slow, putting this post out shows that there is progress. Or not. It sure is easier to write!

If we could share bravery, there will be nothing to go round.

In The End, We Have to Push Ourselves

No, you do not need more motivational quotes, books or videos.

You have had enough!

Unless we learn to push ourselves, there’s nothing productivity contents can do for us. Besides, the effects of the motivational contents et al. only last a few days if not one.

Am I pushing myself yet?

Err, I want to say yes, but first, let me consult my actions.

Good luck in your quest for a better life… Stay consistent (This is not a shade :p)